8 Yoga Class Pet Peeves

Yoga is hard enough. Shit like this makes it even harder. No amount of focused breathing or meditative state can free up the vibe when there are constant disruptions.

  1. Music is too loud. Hey! guru I’m talking to you. I can’t hear you.
  2. Body odor. Yogis, wash your ass before coming to class.
  3. Dirty feet. It’s no treat especially when our mats meet.
  4. Fragrance is no romance. Ya’ killin’me loudly with da’ patchouli Julie.
  5. Circus freaks. Acrobats who ain’t in the know and go opposite of the flow.
  6. Boot camp troupe. Counting down. 1..2…3…Wait! Is this a gym class?
  7. Monotone zone. Guru, descend from your throne. Falling asleep over here. I am not alone.
  8. Yogi chatter. Way too much of it. And y’all hella loud. Respect the space upon entering and leaving. Quietly.

I could go on. But it’s 5:37 in the a.m. Need a few hours of sleep before reaching for my next steep. 

I will say this. My reluctance to join a yoga studio has not only been because of the exorbitant monthly fees. A greater portion of it is because yoga studios have incorporated so much fitness that it attracts that gym class competitive attitude amongst their clients. No bueno. 

It shows a lack of respect and regard for the practice. And it’s annoying as funk. I like when I walk into a studio and I read signs that encourage people to disconnect from the outside once they come inside. But it’s not very often. I’ll let that one sink in. No trend.

Morning Tea

Thoughts. Always thoughts. I dread seeing people today. Forced conversations. Pretending to have something to say. All because someone will need an emotional cosign today. Yet again.


Morning tea vibe is green. Fresh lemon. Bagged healing for the masses. Keep forgetting to switch to loose tea. My hair no longer touches my lashes. Christie Brinkley, line 2.”




Swim Good

Salt water pool action last night. 24 HR Fitness gym. West Hollywood. Pool could have been a few degrees water. Front desk guy said temp is always 85. Somebody lied


Swim was still good. Yoga and swim only these days. Right ankle still leaves me with an off and on gaze. Will it ever righteously heal? Bueller…Bueller


Today Was A Good Day

I’m inspired by so many things. Everything affects me. Although my time here is short lived it will be impactful. Ears plugged. Nice strumming. My heart now still. My spirit light.

An afternoon of writing. Disappearing acts before sunset. Board pushing past the marina. Beer with fresh lemon. Met some smiling people. Intrigued by the words on my jacket.
More to come…


Don’t Judge: 3 Ways To Avoid The Trap

We all judge. We all hate to be judged. We all do it anyway. As of late my energy has been blocked, heavy and feeling oh so wiry. Actually for weeks now. There were definitely moments where I could pinpoint why I was feeling so out of sorts. But even in those moments no real truth was revealed. And I was still left with feelings of daily angst ripened by annoyance.

Here are a few ways you can avoid that big ol’ judgement trap:

1. Do yoga. Breathe yoga. Take more yoga. The shit really works.

2. Take yourself a lot less seriously. Ummm…Anybody seen my Emmy?

3. Let go of all expectation. This is a hard one. But totally doable. At the end of the day what you thought you knew was never of any real importance. The answer lies in the question. But must be asked first.

Sweat Yoga

Found another little cool studio in Santa Monica to kick back on my yoga mat. They take a slightly different approach. It’s a little less guided flow. Allowing each yogi to become more in the know with their practice.


Staff was ace. Snagged a very cool Sweat Yoga tank after class. Of course life wouldn’t be complete without some green replenishment after dancing in the heat. Hello Clover!



Sweat Yoga 702 Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401 310.230.5225

10 Signs You Hate Your Job

1. It’s not challenging

2. It doesn’t speak to any of your

3. You don’t feel respected

4. You’re treated as a number or a
bottom line

5. You feel like you have to always be “on” to reassure coworkers you’re a team player

6. You dread going in everyday

7. You can’t wait to leave everyday

8. You feel trapped

9. The amount of pay does not equal the amount of daily stress

10. You hate yourself for compromising your spirit by procrastinating with projects that could ultimately change your life

Ankle Healing Green

I don’t know about the healing vibe. But tis’ a tasty green that I’m sipping on while icing my ankle. Went too deep into a toppling tree pose in hot yoga the other day. Then ran on said ankle in a gym class the following day. Hasn’t felt right since.


Shooting pains if I bear weight on it. Also loss of balance and walking with more than a slight limp. Headed back to doc’s office this week. Surprisingly I’m not as upset as before when I initially injured it. It’s just a sign from the universe saying, “Shon, write more.” So I shall. Hope ya’ dig this groovy green.


frozen blueberries
frozen cherries
frozen banana
chia seed
hemp seed
almond coconut milk