tocaya organica

Two groovy things happened yesterday. Sunday. I bought a new longboard and I rolled through to a new spot in Venice tocaya. Grabbed mine to go because the VBL(Venice Basketball League) had a few games going on. 

Service was prompt. Food was hella fresh tasting. They definitely don’t use microwaves here.  I could have done without the  pomegranate and what looked like pumpkin seeds in my guac.. It was also cool seeing the chef Felix. He’s normally over at Toca Madera. tocaya organica is the new baby in the family. All entrees start off vegan. That’s a switch. You can add your choice of protein. Carnivores and herbivores do come hither. Tell em the bald longboading lady sent ya’.

Sunday Brunchin’

Hella windy at the beach yesterday. Had to hop off my board a few times. Never seen the sands look so deserted. Movie scene. Indeed.

Hopped off the boardwalk because my skateboard literally felt like a toothpick beneath my feet. Pushin’ a shorter deck. Longboard was the victim of a hit and run a few weeks ago. No news at 11:00.


Finally blew into Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. After not too long of a wait ended up with my favorite server Manu. Dope dude. Energy on another plain. Genuine soul. Vibes.

Dove into The Weekender platter head first. Bomb. I always save the pancakes for last. I’m weird like that. Hope your Sunday was groovy. Let’s not judge Monday. It’s just another day to get some shit done. Dig.

4:42 PM Sunday Run

Fighting sleep. My mind won’t keep. 12:42 in the a.m. Sunday’s now gone. Yesterday’s run lingers on. Had decided that morn that I was taking the vibe to Venice Beach. Wanted to run as close to the water’s edge as possible. Story of my life. 

A really good meal and a truly bad movie later somewhat derailed all plans of heading out earlier. Hopped on the 108 bus for the 35 minute ride and scenic view of houses that required maids. Hit Windward circle just before sunset. Snagged a bottled coconut. Took a only few swigs. Wanted to avoid getting side stitches later. Bad decision. Should have drank the whole thing to stay hydrated. After stashing my pack and longboard with Babou I headed to the boardwalk. 

Didn’t warm up enough because there was so much energy at the beach. Skaters. Surfers. Locals. Tourists. Artist. Vendors. I wanted in on this time machine. Pressed a few buttons. Leaned into a speaker, “Pink Pegasus take flight!”


Started off on the bike path. Ditched that idea after reading Bikes Only more than a few times. I could give two shits about the angry looks I was getting from these weekend pedalers. It was their seemingly lack of direction that split my wig and forced my pace across the sand to the boardwalk.

Breath was unsteady. Pushed the pace too soon. Legs were on autopilot. Couldn’t seem to get my breath on the same plain. Pun jab. Tried to relax in between. Reminding myself that this was not a race. The goal was to remain fluid. Keeping my arms involved. The steady stream of weed smoke didn’t help matters. Medicinal my ass.

Ran all the way to Ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier. Fought the urge to slide my phone out of its arm sleeve and snap the moment. Kept going. A bathroom break and my music suddenly stopping had already slowed my pace. Headed back. Talking to myself the whole way. Began to feel encouraged when I started passing some of the same people and a few walking runners. Keep Going Baby read one woman’s sweatshirt while a cool looking dad stuck out his hand in support. Returned the palm plant. Took it as a sign. And kept going. 




Dig seed in Venice. Tiny-spaced vegan spot right before the beach. Macrobiotic to be exact. My two fave things on the menu are the Cooler Ranch Tacos and the Breakfast Burrito.





Oh yeah and the fries. Bomb dot com. Never greasy. Always crispy. Their secret, rice bran oil. At least that’s what Jonathan told me. He’s the coolly rimmed cat usually standing behind the counter. At least whenever I pop in.


I’ve had their bowls a few times. Not too impressed. Root vegetables like carrots tend to be hard and undercooked. Other than that it’s pretty tasty.

Like the energy here. No AC.
They could use a fan. It can get pretty hot. Some days I just sit and write. Other days I just grab a quick bite and keep it pushing to the beach. 1604 Pacific Avenue, Venice, CA, 90291 310.396.1604




Love The Fruit Gallery



Love this place. Fresh smoothies and juices. Awesome prices. Super nice and patient staff. Located right off the Venice boardwalk. 1 Westminster Avenue (310) 452-3034



Now serving raw vegan food. Not sure if the menu is strictly vegan. I always forget to ask. Awesome collard wraps and smoothies. Try the Warrior and add acai. I always have a shot of wheatgrass for the road.