Swim Life

Spending more time in the water. Less on land. No frivolous talk of plans. Just swimming.

Fave lil’ preworkout swim snack. Small bag of sea salt popcorn and a super short hazelnut latte with coconut milk. 

I don’t rely on the caffeine to push my workout. I drink decafeinnated tea seven days a week. The occasional latte is a nice way to warm up for these chilly LA night swims. I usually consume eighty ounces of water throughout my work day. So by the time I hit the pool later I’m pretty hydrated. Thinning out any heart rushing effects compliments of Starbucks.

Saturday’s Swimmer Green

Could have used a few more hours of sleep this morning. Woke too soon thinking that I had to be at work much earlier. Turns out I didn’t. Decided to pack my swim gear and make a clean green. Headed to fave outdoor pool. 24HR Fitness in West Hollywood. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last swim. Let’s see how it goes. Dig on this green in the meantime. Kale yeah it was good! Fresh ginger would have been a nice touch to keep the inflammation down. I usually have some on hand. Next time.

lots of kale


pink lady Apple 

frozen pineapple

chia seed



Power Pre Workout Breakfast

This is definitely one of my fave breakfasts when I have time in the morning before the workout. That is the key. There’s no worse feeling than working out on a full stomach. I always let my tea steep a little longer in hopes of increasing the antioxidant vibe. Not sure if that’s true. I’d like to believe so. 
  salt free brown rice cakes, organic peanut butter, organic bananas 

Bob Mills organic quick cooking oats, water, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, agave

  decafeinnated green tea with fresh lemons

This awesome trio has powered a few early swims and a couple of ATC sessions. Now that the weather has cooled off in LA my body is craving something a little more substantial. Love it! As long as it tastes good and keeps me energized and feeling satiated during the workout I’m all in. Good stuff. Eat clean. Keep your training filthy. 

Wild ‘N Out Wednesday

Back to back workouts last night. First on deck was ATC(Athletic Training Club) with Claudine Cooper(fitwit3 in social media circles). It was athletically challenging as always. I love HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) classes. No two training sessions are the same. The combination of cardio, weights, calistenthics and ab work is enough to make even the fittest feel faint. Especially with Mrs. Cooper at the helm. Her foot was on the gas. Gotta love that kind of fitness drive by.


Hit the pool thirty minutes later. This swim wasn’t as easy as Monday night’s sesh after kickboxing with Mark Smiley(marksmiley66) Yes, I’m shooting for two a days as often as I can during the week. Not letting LA’s fickle weather set my goals back. Peep Facebook https://m.facebook.com/profile.php for the vid.Dig on your day good peoples. Do you. Be you. Live for you.


Pre Workout Swim Green

A couple of days in using Sunwarrior www.sunwarrior.com Raw Vegan protein. Have to say I really like it. Goes down clean. Naturally sustains my workouts. Matter of fact just finished mixing a scoop with water in my Blender Bottle www.blenderbottle.com while sitting on the steps of the WGA. Wink! Wink!


Lovely swim yesterday morn’. Focused. Breast stroke. Game on. Arms in sync. Legs could use a bit more outward kick. Each day I’m improving. Sayin’ less. Doin’ more. Dig on this green. I sure did. Let me know if it keeps you lean.


chia seed
hemp seed
Sunwarrior Raw Vegan protein(chocolate)
unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Rawberri Swim

Turns out my bowl of trail mix packed cereal wasn’t enough to kickstart the preworkout vibe on Wednesday. By the time I hopped off the second bus I was beyond hungry. Skated past the gym in the direction of PowerZone. Then I saw this sign.


Didn’t have to read much further. They had me at organic acai bowls. Popped into Rawberri www.rawberri.com where all things are vegan. Sustainable vibes abound. Score and score! Ordered a classic pitaya bowl after I learned that it was another name for dragon fruit. I’m all about question asking. Yes, I meant to phrase it that way.


Snagged a medium bowl. Didn’t want to risk swimming on a full stomach. Can I say it was awesome? Why yes you can. Okay, weird third person moment. But seriously it was bomb. Natural. Organic. It’s amazing how quickly the taste buds adjust to food in its proper state.



The vegan granola was exceptional, the coconut flakes crunchy and the fruit was fresh as hell.


Even the spoon was green. Literally and figuratively. Eco love. Shout out to the planet.


Had the most righteous swim afterwards. Didn’t feel full. Stomach felt clean. Live food energy fueled each stroke. It’s moments like this when I consider going fully raw as a vegan. Figuratively clutching bag of chips while having a Cookie Monster moment. Baby steps.

Places like Rawberri help to encourage the clean eating and cruelty free vibe. They do it in a way that’s not pretentious and that’s always cool. Like the sign says Good Vibes Only. Dig it. I shall return.


It’s all about that Cocowhip on my next visit. Vegan frozen yogurt y’all. Enough said.


8582 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 652-7010



Good Swim Today

Hit the pool not quite midday. Goal was to get there earlier to avoid the lane hogs and those people who impatiently wait for you to finish even though the other side of the lane is free. Yes, there is a certain snobbery that goes on at the 24Hour Fitness pool in WeHo(West Hollywood)


I largely ignore the politics and focus on getting my swim on. It’s a groovy rooftop pool with super soft water. And not too many chemicals. Although there’s a closer gym with an indoor pool I prefer this one. It’s where I get some of my best swim tips from swimmers who’ve swam competitively. Thanks Seth for noticing that my head was coming to far out of the water and my stroke was short. Focused on those two things today and had a stronger swim that didn’t leave me breathless in between strokes. Stoked! Can’t wait til’ my next sesh.


Saturday Green

Pool was empty and quiet tonight. Not having to share a lane with a power breast stroker or your average arm flailer was my own little version of Saturday Night Fever. No need to cue Travolta. I got this.


Another good swim sesh for the books with no records. Tonight’s swim was much better than my last day sesh. Probably because I got more rest, kicked off my morning with a fabulous green and ate fairly clean throughout the day. This juice was just that damn good y’all. Enjoy!

small pear
fresh mint
cherry tomatoes

Wednesday Cherry ChocoMint Smoothie


Yesterday’s brekkie. This very delish smoothie accompanied by two Vegetable Marsala burgers(Trader Joe’s). No bread. Olive hummus instead. Got a bit of writing in before my pool sesh began.


All in all a good day. Let me know if you give this recipe a hey!
Bare with me while I face lift the blog in between the daily slog. Dig.


frozen banana
frozen cherries
hemp seed
chia seed
cacao nibs
Vega Sport Protein(chocolate)
unsw vanilla almond milk

Just Poolin’

Another great swim sesh for the books. Contemplating starting a two-a-day workout regimen. Want and need to train. In a positive mental space to take on the challenge. If so, I will only do it for only a week starting off. See how I feel afterwards. Maybe throw in some yoga or a few strength training sessions. Will keep ya’ in the loop.