Swim Life

Spending more time in the water. Less on land. No frivolous talk of plans. Just swimming.

Fave lil’ preworkout swim snack. Small bag of sea salt popcorn and a super short hazelnut latte with coconut milk. 

I don’t rely on the caffeine to push my workout. I drink decafeinnated tea seven days a week. The occasional latte is a nice way to warm up for these chilly LA night swims. I usually consume eighty ounces of water throughout my work day. So by the time I hit the pool later I’m pretty hydrated. Thinning out any heart rushing effects compliments of Starbucks.

Saturday Green

Pool was empty and quiet tonight. Not having to share a lane with a power breast stroker or your average arm flailer was my own little version of Saturday Night Fever. No need to cue Travolta. I got this.


Another good swim sesh for the books with no records. Tonight’s swim was much better than my last day sesh. Probably because I got more rest, kicked off my morning with a fabulous green and ate fairly clean throughout the day. This juice was just that damn good y’all. Enjoy!

small pear
fresh mint
cherry tomatoes

Rehab Going Swimmingly


Gorgeous day in LA on Saturday. 81 degrees. No shade. Except maybe from those people everywhere else forced to make snow angels in between beer runs. Oh how I do miss seeing the seasons change. But I can’t drag this bum ankle through inches of powder. At least not yet. Alas, snowboarder dreams.


So for now I’ll settle on rehabbing in the pool. Have to. Doc also gave me thumbs up for any type of restorative yoga. Approaching both with ease and caution. I never take things slow. This time I must. Or you might see a new tv series popping up called Roboyogi, starring me. Ever try doing a tree pose while rockin’ an Aircast? Be sure to check your Hulu listings.


Saturday’s swim session at the West Hollywood pool was okay. Paid $60 for 25 swims. Weho residents only pay $35. I should have lied and said I lived in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Although I’m a member of 24HR Fitness gym, which makes it free for me to swim, their pools sometimes vary in terms of cleanliness. And the amount of chlorine being used could gag a goat. A herd of goats actually.


Besides I wanted to try something different. Was told by a fellow yogi about the WeHo pool while I was still healthy. He said he liked it because it was always clean, outdoors and heated. Had never gotten around to going until Saturday. I liked the idea of it being heated. Thought it’d be good for my ankle. Except that it wasn’t. Heated that is. Not sure why. Maybe they only heat it on chillier days. I’ll be sure to ask next time.

I liked that their lanes are marked according to the speed of the swimmer. My lane’s yellow sign read ther py. The letter ‘A’ was missing. It should have said old people circling and small children jumping. In spite of, I still managed to get in an hour’s worth of movement.

A few laps and a Kickboard marathon later I realized my ankle wasn’t ready for the latter. Just gotta remember to take it slow and avoid The Golden Girls meets Disney time slots and I’ll be fine. Saturday was a good day!