Parked It At Lunch

I work inside all day. So it’s especially nice when I can pop out for some food and fresh air. Erewhon was in my sights. Decided to make the trek. 

Light appetite. On the menu. Mock tuna. Brown rice crackers with a black sesame twist. A bottle of electrolytes. And a lovely lime tart. Plantbased baby! All day. Errrrrr…day.

Saba’s Super Salad Saturday 

Short eight hours today. More like six. I find that exceedingly groovy when you’re making money for da man who has no plan to give you more than what’s already in yo hand. Alas, that conversation is for another hey.

I’m always hungry. It’s not a heavily guarded secret. Managed to eat my lunch before the clock struck yum!  Luckily my coworker Saba had made good on her promise to bring me one of her famous salads. Score!  

A colorful concoction of all of my favorite ingredients. Did I mention how fresh it tasted? Every single ingredient had a organic pop that’s sorely missing in most stores prepackaged vibe. And the dressing? Let’s just say she had me at, “I make my own.”

Super Salad








Saba’s Dressing

Olive oil

balsamic vinegar 

Sesame seeds



Lunch To Go

I love it when I pack my lunch. It’s cheaper. It’s healthier. It’s cheaper. It’s healthier. Okay, enough with the daily mantra. I do believe that you are hip.

Eating vegan is costly. Especially when grabbing healthier fare to go. I still have my days when I lazily give in to the habit of choosing the same ol’ eateries within skating distance of the gig. That gets expensive over time. And to be honest rarely am I ever satisfied. Usually becoming hungry an hour later. No bueno.


Been grubbin’ on this salad for a few days now. I get like that when I create a recipe that I love. Same goes for juices and smoothies.

grape tomatoes
lemon juice
Olive hummus
veggie patty


Threw a pear, some raw almonds, oatmeal, Larabar and some plantain chips up in the lunch bag mix. Still running out of food towards the end of my work day. No bueno. Gotta figure that out now that I’m active again. Perhaps a bigger lunch bag is the answer.

Lunch Vibe

Started taking my lunch again this week. Snagged some heavy duty Rubbermaid containers from Target on Wednesday. Wanted glass. But these will do for now.I don’t plan on heating up any food in these bad boys. Think I also read on the box somewhere that they were BPA free. Cool.


All life is a win when ya’ don’t have to spend. Yep! Saving money. Another perk of packing my daily eats. Instead of dropping $9-15 a day on overly processed vegan “food” I now shell out two bucks for a snack in between. Tops. I also know what I’m eating because I prepared it. Pretty sure one day I’ll eventually snag a pizza or end up in that godforsaken Sprinkles line, both fingers crossed that they haven’t run out of vegan cupcakes. Just not today.



Breakfast & Lunch Together


Ideally it would better if I packed my lunch at night to save more time in the morning. Heck I’m just now getting down with packing my gym bag at night. Sometimes still forgetting to snag an extra towel for the sweaty affair that is hot yoga. So whoa, Nellie! One less procrastination goal at a time.

Truth is after a long day of fighting people wars, the last thing I want to do is think about preparing for the next day’s onslaught. I’d rather prolong the bevy of weak smiles, unsolicited hugs and endless workout questions that tend to mark the beginning of yet another day drooling in the land of retail.


Alas, I have figured out a way to save a few minutes in the morning by making my morning green drink alongside the very big salad I usually scarf down midday. Breakie meet lunchie. It’s a lovely affair. One that I’ve quickly gotten use to.


No more grab, rinse and chop. Quick cleanup in between. Only to have to do it all over again thirty minutes later. More like two at a time and the rest of the Instagram perusing morning is mine. Enjoy the pics. I forgot to jot down the ingredients. Looks lovely? Tasted even lovelier. Eyes appetit!



Thursday Salad

I’ve always dug eating salads. The bigger the better. The more ingredients the yummier they taste. Even with this morning’s rush I managed to do a pretty decent job of toss and grab. Not enough dressing though. All ingredients are compliments of Trader Joe’s. Love it at Joe’s.


green beans
broccoli straw
balsamic vinaigrette