tocaya organica

Two groovy things happened yesterday. Sunday. I bought a new longboard and I rolled through to a new spot in Venice tocaya. Grabbed mine to go because the VBL(Venice Basketball League) had a few games going on. 

Service was prompt. Food was hella fresh tasting. They definitely don’t use microwaves here.  I could have done without the  pomegranate and what looked like pumpkin seeds in my guac.. It was also cool seeing the chef Felix. He’s normally over at Toca Madera. tocaya organica is the new baby in the family. All entrees start off vegan. That’s a switch. You can add your choice of protein. Carnivores and herbivores do come hither. Tell em the bald longboading lady sent ya’.

Sunday ConversationsĀ 

Sleep. Wake. Head. Ache. Green tea vibes. Oatmeal ties. Knees creak. Cold floors. Everett shit. Mind lit. No ghosts. Of Christmas past. He and mater didn’t last. Shower. Warm. Air. Cold. Door. Slam. Board. Jam. Cafe talk. No one’s listening. Almond tonic. Loosens the tongue. No one’s listening. Food. Good. Water. Downed. Sweet on a potato. Board. Jam. Skate away. Scene. Me done seen. Eyes on blue. Trees. Chase you. Bike  lanes too. Drop in. Waves down. Ohio’s. Prince. New crown. Alarm.



Blueberry Blast Post Workout Green

Woke up with thoughts of Pilates. Didn’t make the rush or the two slow ass buses. Spotted my pink Pegasus’ on the floor. Thought why not? Been a couple of weeks since my last run. Not a runner. Don’t like to run unless I’m being chased or have a basketball in my hand. Real talk.



Run. Trot. Some cardio in between. Didn’t focus on how slow I was moving. Just that I was moving. By the time Nappy Roots started spittin’ the burning and itching had disappeared and I’d found my stride. Baby steps. Today’s run was dedicated to all the black men wrongfully convicted and currently incarcerated enduring years of a lengthy appeals process. Their families too. That’s peace.


Pre Workout Oatmeal with cranberries, cinnamon, agave, unsweetened vanilla almond milk + decaf green tea with lemon

Post Workout Blueberry Blast(recipe below)



frozen banana 

frozen blueberries 


chia seed

Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein(chocolate)

unsweetened vanilla almond milk 


Pre Cycle Ice Cream Wellness Shot Boost

Was feeling ancy late Thursday afternoon. Left the gig early to explore my thoughts. Free up my vibe. Replenish my energy. Ended up walking halfway to the gym. Skated the rest of the way.

Stopped in the Whole Foods at Fairfax/Santa Monica in search of a preworkout snack. Grabbed a big bottle of the 365 electrolyte water and a Rice Dream Mint Pie. Vegan vibes. Flag on the play.


No sooner had I swallowed the last bite my body slipped into a coma. A sugary one. I literally began to nod off while sitting outside. Even considered not going to cycling later. Shook that notion immediately. Hopped on my board and headed west on Santa Monica boulevard.

Skated a few blocks down and spotted the Earth Bar sign. Foot drag. Rocks skid. Board pop. Floated in. Super bright interior. Shelves lined with all types of packaged health. I was more interested in their juice bar. Hung a right. Looked over their list of wellness shots and picked one based on its ingredients. I’ll take a double. This one is actually called Wellness. The irony.


fresh lemon
oregano oil
Aged garlic extract
cayenne pepper

And double it they did. Tasted hot and oily going down. Throat was on fire. Chased the blaze with a few electrolytes. Voila. I was back in business. Okay, maybe five minutes later. But still I could feel it reversing the effects of my rice dream. Fun pun. Couldn’t resist.


Made it to my cycle class with Meagan at 24 Hour Fitness. Had an intense class of hills and sprints. My first one in awhile. Wore my ankle brace more as a preventive measure than a response to pain. Being much smarter with my food and training these days. Next time you’re at a real (Jamba Juice does not count) juice spot order up a wellness shot with your drink. It will change your life. Stay happy, healthy and hydrated kids.

Letting Go


Time to step out of the shadow of my former self. I’ve been going nowhere fast trying to duplicate my previous fitness and weight loss success. No can do anymore. If I’ve learned anything from this ankle injury is that nothing after will ever be the same.

Hate that I wasted an entire year by stubbornly persisting otherwise in my attempts to regain muscle and lose weight. I will achieve those goals again. But not by using the same approach. Decided to try a sane approach.


First things first. Laying my longboard, Bamboo, down. Yes, I name my boards. No, I will not be skating anytime soon. Getting my ankle healthy and strong again is priority. Next step is to get outta my head with any thoughts of doubt and fear.

What I’ve discovered through all of this is that people cheer you on when you’re able to cheer them on. Fact. Otherwise it’s crickets. It’s important not to become bitter. Only to become better.


Day Trippin’ LA

Love going backwards in order to go forward. Wicked hot on Wednesday. Didn’t keep me from hitting the city. Board life. No strife. Skated so much ended up jamming my left big toe. Braking too hard. New bearings. Board’s hella fast now. Charlie, here’s your pass now.

Below Sunset. Above the rest.


School’s out. Forever.


Mork & Mending


Hollywould. If they let cha.




If only to catch a glimpse.


Sleep in.


Back on the boulevard.



Holey shit!


Moon child run free.



Clover Juice


I skate by here here practically every day. Decided to finally drop in. Twice. I’ve yet to snag a juice because I’m so hooked on their Chia Spa power smoothie which has chia seeds, dates, almond milk, almond butter, banana and cinnamon.

Can you say yumtastic boys and girls? Because it is. I love downing one of these after a sweaty sesh of yoga. Let the post workout recovery begin! Tasty and filling. Tides me over til’ my next meal. Usually an hour so later.



Wasn’t a big fan of the Skinny Genius Brilliance Bar. Ate it after my lunch. Good mix of ingredients. Vegan. Found it to be more than just a little on the dry side.


I’m also a juice head. So I will make it a point to try one of their cold pressed concoctions next go round. They have eats. Coffee too. Stumptown. That cold brew. Stop by.Tell em the bald blonde chick sent ya’. Enjoy!

Clover Juice 8384 1/2 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323)651-2568