Parked It At Lunch

I work inside all day. So it’s especially nice when I can pop out for some food and fresh air. Erewhon was in my sights. Decided to make the trek. 

Light appetite. On the menu. Mock tuna. Brown rice crackers with a black sesame twist. A bottle of electrolytes. And a lovely lime tart. Plantbased baby! All day. Errrrrr…day.

A Zany Writer’s Green

Midday vibes. Late. Woke with tremendous head pain. Left side. No appetite. Raw cashews and warm lemon water. That’s about it.

Hours later. Short nap. One documentary in. Another journal entry out. Decided my body needed spiritual peace. Drinking this now. As we speak. A groovy balance of thought. Dig on it.



half frozen banana
frozen cherries
chia seed
hemp seed
cacao nibs
Blueberry Muesli
coconut milk


A Sunday Poem


Living in Los Angeles is hard. Sometimes. All the time. Most days. It can be a very soul less city with everyone clamoring for the attention of cameras not there. No conversation is fruitful. Most engagements are hardly engaging. I find myself searching for life’s depth while needing to fulfill a childhood dream of writing for television before escaping to a much more northern existence. Feel free to insert the word normal. Your choosing. Sorta like that Jif commercial.

I Feel Like An Athlete Again

Injury! Injury! Century! Century! I know. Doesn’t make sense. I just needed something to rhyme with injury. Not here to talk about the series of ankle injuries that have plagued my fitness journey for a year. Only to acknowledge that I’ve put a few HIIT classes under my belt since the doctor gave the green light a week ago.


Instead of easing back in I dove in. Head first. I started with my most challenging classes. All HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training). Love this style of training because it pushes me beyond my mental and physical game. Kicked off my return with a couple of ATC classes, swim sessions in between and a NTC workout with one of Nike’s master trainers.





I’m slower. Fatter. And I mean that in the most sensitive way. Quietly convincing my ego. None of that matters to me. I’m an athlete. I always have been. Always will be. Athletes have set backs. They also have comebacks. Watch mine.


Sitting At A Bus Stop

Missed two buses so far in my attempt to head to a job where I am invisible to most. Hardly seen by others. The humidity that swallows the air burns my ears. Head is on fire. Too many thoughts. Could be attributed to my unit’s lack of air conditioning.

A slight rain specks my phone. Cooling nothing. Is it possible to be this alone?


A Candle For Amy

I live in a city where everyone wants to be someone other than themselves. Sad really. I lived here once. Much younger then. Unfinished business is why I returned again. Or so I thought.
My dream. Now shifted. Replaced with a purpose. One I run headlong into every day. I wonder if anyone thinks of Amy?

As I pace my tiny apartment, jacket still on. Beanie in place. Incense burning. Dry meat rots the space. Ears plugged. Don’t wanna hear the neighbors race. It’s enough that I have to smell your plate. I wonder if anyone thinks of Amy? I spent a few hours with her present today. Finding no watch in her past tonight. I wonder if anyone thinks of Amy?

Big theater. Too many seats. Maybe nine filled. Two hours and twenty minutes of winks, cusses, music and pain. Love and drugs. A constant rain. Perhaps a 27 year doc would have been a bit too long. We’ll never know. I wonder if anyone thinks of Amy?


Today Was A Good Day

I’m inspired by so many things. Everything affects me. Although my time here is short lived it will be impactful. Ears plugged. Nice strumming. My heart now still. My spirit light.

An afternoon of writing. Disappearing acts before sunset. Board pushing past the marina. Beer with fresh lemon. Met some smiling people. Intrigued by the words on my jacket.
More to come…


Bloggers I Need Your Kelp…Help

Calling all bloggers! In need of your help. In dire straits is more like it. I have an extremely well written, funny and sometimes insightful blog. I’m no fitness professional or expert. But I am a writer, currently living in Los Angeles, who digs all things health, fitness, food and oh yeah fun.

Here’s the problem. Wait for it…wait for it. Kidding. A lil’ distracted. Just remembered that I have another chia pudding in the fridge. Whew hoo!

Okay, seriously though. How do I get rid of all these frickin’ categories? I blog from my phone. New laptop in the works. Not really. But it sounds legit. In the meantime HELP! I’m not having much luck with WordPress on my tablet either. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Chia pudding time!


3 Reasons Why I Love Oreos


Most people assume I only hug trees when I’m not eating grass. When I actually prefer to climb trees and run across grass barefoot. Just sayin’. Whats that got to do with Oreos? Not a damn thing. Currently trapped in a turtle paced Uber with 80s music playing lowly. Late for a hair appointment. Thought I’d insert a disclaimer.

Oreos. Yes! Love them. Oreos. Yes! Eat them. Oreos! Yes! Kid fun. I’ll stay one forever. Here are three reasons why I really dig ’em:

1. They’re vegan. At least the original are moo free.

2. They make me smile. Especially when they’re not stale.

3. I can share and still have plenty left. I prefer not to share tho’. Just sayin’.