tocaya organica

Two groovy things happened yesterday. Sunday. I bought a new longboard and I rolled through to a new spot in Venice tocaya. Grabbed mine to go because the VBL(Venice Basketball League) had a few games going on. 

Service was prompt. Food was hella fresh tasting. They definitely don’t use microwaves here.  I could have done without the  pomegranate and what looked like pumpkin seeds in my guac.. It was also cool seeing the chef Felix. He’s normally over at Toca Madera. tocaya organica is the new baby in the family. All entrees start off vegan. That’s a switch. You can add your choice of protein. Carnivores and herbivores do come hither. Tell em the bald longboading lady sent ya’.

Some Days A Girl Just Wants Pizza

Been eating way too much bread lately. It doesn’t leave my body as quickly as it use to. It kinda just settles around my belly and hips area waiting for the fat pass to expire. Guess it’s that whole fountain of youth thing that’s missing. No bueno. Especially if you like skating in skinny jeans. But this pie from Blaze Pizza was totally worth the next couple of days of squeezing into my coolness.

I ordered less of the Daiya cheese, which I find pretty much flavorless, to make more tasting room for the fresh veggies. Bomb! Did I say it was bomb?


Swingers Are The Worse

Late night creep after peeping some spoken word landed me in the land of Swingers. The restaurant that is. Address is yada yada yada somewhere on Beverly Blvd. Google it! They gets no love from me.

Nope, they’re not a vegan spot. Yep, they offer vegan/vegetarian options. Nope, I wouldn’t call it food. Thought long and hard before ordering because everything was soy, processed, soy and processed. Is this Veggie Grill?


Decided on avocado toast sans chili flakes and an order of fries. Had to send the fries back because they were undercooked. The same fries reappeared five minutes later. Grease spots intact on wax paper lining the basket and a degree or two darker.

If you look closely at the left piece of toast you’ll see what appears to be a tiny lump of mucus. It was actually pieces from the lemon they generously squeeze on before flying it out of the pickup window. I’m guessing their one star chef didn’t give it a second thought. All I kept saying was, “That looks like snot on my toast and it’s soggy as hell.”


I’ll take the ‘L’ on this one. That’s loss for those trapped in the vernacular closet. I hadn’t eaten much all day and was beginning to feel sick and Swingers was the closest spot to the venue. Writers gotta eat too. Just not here. There. Or anywhere where the music is obnoxiously loud, the food is awful(I saw a few meat eaters cringing over their plates too) and your server is merely a mirage. Of course really really really drunk people won’t mind the substandard fare. That seems to be the restaurant’s draw approaching the wee hours.


Even their cookies sucked. I snagged a vegan Snickerdoodle(not pictured) for the road. It was so hard it could have been the road.

As a vegan I should have known better. But most importantly I should have planned better. My stomach still hurts. And I’ve been sick all day. One cup of peppermint tea with more than a splash of almond milk coming right up! Ummm… I’m gon’ need a baby wig. I can feel my hair growing back…On my chest!

Beverly Falafel Is Bomb.Com

Okay, that’s not their website. This is Seriously, skip all of that and swing by for lunch or dinner the next time you’re in LA. You won’t be disappointed. Or leave there still feeling hungry.


The food looks just like the pictures. I don’t know what their pics taste like but the food is pretty damn good. Why? Because everything tastes fresh. That lentil soup is so delish I just licked my phone. Again. Okay, I’m back.


The pita bread is soft and still warm when it comes to the table. The vegetarian plate, which is actually vegan, is a sight to behold. Deliciously colorful. Generous in portions. Even bigger on taste.


No dry falafels over here shawty. The vibe is hella moist. It’s so good I usually forget to use the tahini dressing. Most places I have to drown my falafel in the dressing to give it any kind of taste.


I also like that all of the food is individual in taste. The fresh cucumber and tomato salad is just that. Fresh! The hummus and baba ganoush, although similar in appearance, stand out on their own.


Mr. Benyamin, the owner and father to everybody’s favorite NTC High gym teacher, Fit Moni B(@egyptiangoddessmb), is very friendly and humble in his approach. Another rarity in a city like LA. But a welcomed change.


Guess it’s safe to say the Benyamins kick ass in the gym and in the kitchen. Beverly Falafel offers a full menu too for my carnivorous friends. You can stop rolling your eyes now at the thought of just eating soup and hummus for lunch. Try the baklava too. It’s not vegan so I’ve never had it. But I always see people get it. So it must be yummy.

Beverly Falafel 8508 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048 310-652-1670

Real Food Daily

Love Real Food Daily. Preferably the Santa Monica location. Way better customer service. Think it’s because it’s near the beach and the employees are less anxiety ridden. Manager is groovy and approachable. Her name might be Mary? But don’t go in there calling her Mary if it’s really Deborah.


I usually pop in for pancakes after a Sunday sesh of NTC. This visit I thought I’d try something different. Tuna melt. Garlicky greens. Ridiculously good gravy. It came highly recommended by my server. He was right on.


Dessert time. Picked the strawberry rhubarb crisp. It’s served warm with vanilla ice cream. Never been a vanilla kind of girl. Had them scoop me up some coconut ice cream instead. One word. Yumtastically delicious.


Okay, that’s not a word. And I used two. But who’s counting? I am. That confection was on ten. Enough said. One more thing. Everything here is vegan. Win! Now I’m done.
Real Food Daily 514-516 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401