Swim Life

Spending more time in the water. Less on land. No frivolous talk of plans. Just swimming.

Fave lil’ preworkout swim snack. Small bag of sea salt popcorn and a super short hazelnut latte with coconut milk. 

I don’t rely on the caffeine to push my workout. I drink decafeinnated tea seven days a week. The occasional latte is a nice way to warm up for these chilly LA night swims. I usually consume eighty ounces of water throughout my work day. So by the time I hit the pool later I’m pretty hydrated. Thinning out any heart rushing effects compliments of Starbucks.

8 Yoga Class Pet Peeves

Yoga is hard enough. Shit like this makes it even harder. No amount of focused breathing or meditative state can free up the vibe when there are constant disruptions.

  1. Music is too loud. Hey! guru I’m talking to you. I can’t hear you.
  2. Body odor. Yogis, wash your ass before coming to class.
  3. Dirty feet. It’s no treat especially when our mats meet.
  4. Fragrance is no romance. Ya’ killin’me loudly with da’ patchouli Julie.
  5. Circus freaks. Acrobats who ain’t in the know and go opposite of the flow.
  6. Boot camp troupe. Counting down. 1..2…3…Wait! Is this a gym class?
  7. Monotone zone. Guru, descend from your throne. Falling asleep over here. I am not alone.
  8. Yogi chatter. Way too much of it. And y’all hella loud. Respect the space upon entering and leaving. Quietly.

I could go on. But it’s 5:37 in the a.m. Need a few hours of sleep before reaching for my next steep. 

I will say this. My reluctance to join a yoga studio has not only been because of the exorbitant monthly fees. A greater portion of it is because yoga studios have incorporated so much fitness that it attracts that gym class competitive attitude amongst their clients. No bueno. 

It shows a lack of respect and regard for the practice. And it’s annoying as funk. I like when I walk into a studio and I read signs that encourage people to disconnect from the outside once they come inside. But it’s not very often. I’ll let that one sink in. No trend.

Throwback Thursday Green

I’ve never been big on wearing shorts. Wore them as a kid. Mostly while playing basketball. Not sure when my affinity waned for the half pant look. Decided this summer to wear as little as possible. One of my fave greens that keeps the cuts on the quads lookin’ oh so nice. Summer baby skatin’ free.








Tuesday Transformation 

Shaping our bodies tends to take precedence over shaping our minds, developing our spirits. We’d rather hear compliment after compliment being given on our taunt muscles or indestructible abs. Or at least what appears to be so. Never really giving much thought to anything else because it becomes a cycle of praise and reward our ego seeks. 

You tell yourself I workout for me. It’s a lifestyle not a diet. Health is wealth. And all that other bullshit because it sounds good. And although the above is true it doesn’t mean squat if the people you’re hitting with that spiel on a daily can’t see you. I mean truly see you. 

Your soul. Your passion. Where is it? Your genuine interest in helping others reach their own goals by facing life’s obstacles head on. What happened to it? Whether you’re a trainer, fitness instructor or just a fit person at work who people seek advice on just about everything diet and workout related. Know that these conversations are not about you. So don’t make them about you.

Listen with your heart and mind. Don’t interject. Teach with passion and patience. Don’t just focus on those who look like you and disregard others. Intentional or not. Body size and weight don’t mean shit if your spirit ain’t fit.


Strong Women Uplift

Strong women uphold other women. Although it’s Women’s History Month and today is International Women’s Day we don’t really need another marked day on a calendar to remind us of our power. Individually and as a collective. 

Let’s begin to put aside our past grievances, swift judgements and daily criticisms. Friends, family and who you perceive as foe. It’s hurtful and pointless. We make ourselves stronger by pointing out another woman’s strengths as opposed to her weaknesses. Dig.


Saturday Night Swim Fever

It just keeps getting better. Swimming longer. Better stroke. Improved breath work. Still have a ways to go before summer’s here. No rush. Plantbased vibe is a lifestyle. Not a diet plan. Energy wayyyyy…up I feel blessed. Let the late night recovery begin. Light fare on deck. A bit of Netflix and some reading before bed. Night owls.