Parked It At Lunch

I work inside all day. So it’s especially nice when I can pop out for some food and fresh air. Erewhon was in my sights. Decided to make the trek. 

Light appetite. On the menu. Mock tuna. Brown rice crackers with a black sesame twist. A bottle of electrolytes. And a lovely lime tart. Plantbased baby! All day. Errrrrr…day.

Raw Lunch Erewhon

Thought I was in the mood for soup until I stepped outside. Temps still holdin’ LA steady. Didn’t have time to pack lunch this morning. I ain’t no meal prep type of chick. If I were I’d probably save way more time and money. It’s cool. I don’t wear a watch anyway.

Opted for a raw wrap instead of lentil soup. I love that Erewhon’s labels their soups V/VG. Vegan or Vegetarian. Whole Foods are ya’ listenin’? The wrap is pretty tasty. Could use a bit more of something. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Apparently my tongue either. Okay, just bit into the second half which means I’m no longer paying attention. Later daze.