Green On The Go

I’m always moving. Even in my sleep. This funky lil’ green through summer I shall keep. Love my life!

whole frickin’ apple 

huge handful of spinach

killer cukes

frozen pineapple

went with ginger today instead of turmeric 


Skate Lunch Juice Read

Ate and drank ridiculously crazy yesterday. Me and the Easter bunny. Running buddies fo’ life. Another groovy Sunday for the books. 

Decided to give my system a much needed break today. No solids. Mostly water, green tea with lemon and a small bag of trail mix. That was this morning’s vibe.

Lunch was a quart of apple, kiwi, banana and kale and a new book I picked up yesterday. Felt good to sit in the sun and read. Casually sippin’ on all things green.

Headed to yoga after work. Taking it slow. Letting my system find it’s natural flow again. Dig. 

Lemon Water Every Morning

Been drinking warm lemon water every morning for years now. It flushes everything out from the day before and leaves my stomach feeling clean. Picked up this habit while living in New York. Queen Afua was droppin’ knowledge at the time. Brooklyn vibes. Now living on the west this still proves to be the best palate test. 


Rainy Day Green

Another rainy day in LA. Slid on my board. Dodging rainbows and God’s flow. Dig on this mean green y’all. It’s packin’ a lil’ heat. Morning vibes. Blissful.


more kale

than spinach

cool ass cukes

a very pink lady apple 

juicy lemon half

couple shakes cayenne pepper 


Rainy Day Detox

Unexpected showers the other day. For a minute the world slowed down. At least in LA. Cracked front door. A light coolness split the humidity. Leaving everything sticky. New moon vibes left over. Blessed time for a detox. Dig.


gallon of water

*Leave the mint out. It browns. Possibly from the lemons acidity. Don’t know. Wasn’t groovy to look at whenever I took a swig. Just sayin’.

Drink More Water

Ummm…yeah. Pretty much self explanatory. You really don’t need another person to lay out the benefits of drinking more water. Or do you?

Okay, roll call. Clearer skin. Weight loss. Healthier joints. Better bile movements. Threw that last one in because it felt like a sitcom moment. Albeit true. Shit just flows freely. There’s that missing laugh track. Stay hydrated my friends.


A Simple Green

My fave go to green juice recipe. Especially on those days and nights I don’t feel like cutting and slicing. I dig buying produce. But suck at rinsing, cutting and storing it in containers to make for an easy grab. I’m lazy. Sue me. And don’t forget the turmeric. So good for all my fitness heads out there in terms of reducing joint pain and inflammation related to training. Enjoy!


frozen pineapple


Sunday Mornin’ Green

Drank this before jumping on my board this morning. Bus flow. Work flow. Not my usual Sunday flow. I ain’t trippin’. Mercury’s in retrograde. Just going with the flow.

This mornin’s green had a energizing vibe. I could taste life in it. I could taste my life in it. Feelings of gratitude abound. Simple things. Easy vibes. Dig on yo’ day.


frozen pineapple
raw hemp seed
chia seed
coconut water


Thursday Green

Not much sleep last night. Three hours to be exact. No worries. My usual amount of energy seems endless. It is the eve of my born day. No real plans. Just going wherever the night takes me. Workflow early on.

This groovy green bought a little balance back to my very long night. More like early morn. Hope you dig it. I’m gone.


cherry tomatoes
chia seed
hemp seed
mint leaves