Green On The Go

I’m always moving. Even in my sleep. This funky lil’ green through summer I shall keep. Love my life!

whole frickin’ apple 

huge handful of spinach

killer cukes

frozen pineapple

went with ginger today instead of turmeric 


Post Yoga Green

After yoga. Happy hour. The other one.  Post workout recovery vibe. Although I don’t view yoga as a workout. And never will. But that’s a conversation to be had on a Wednesday in the second month of June. Besides I’ve lent out all of the blue soapboxes for the day. Dig on your inner peace. There is no lease. Only life. Not channeling Buddha. More like booyah! I’m gon.’


some kale 

lots of spinach

frozen raspberries

frozen blueberries


Sun Warrior protein(chocolate)

unsweetened vanilla almond milk


Vegan Planet

It ain’t just about me eating meat or dairy free. Or looking lovely in a bikini. It’s so much bigger than that. Have you seen the world lately? Me neither. That’s because each day a little more of it disappears. 


Greed, money and power make the world go around. Instead of love, sharing and working together to reverse man’s total disregard for the planet. No time to be sad because it’s true. Doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can’t do.

And what about the children? Whether they’re the ones with growing legs parked underneath your dinner table each night or others who have no dinner each night. Having a table seems hardly important if there is no food to eat.


It’s so much bigger than us. Can’t you see?


Pre Bikram Green

It’s been months since my last yoga class. Sorta fell outta love with it after a year of practicing. Various studios. Too much rock and roll let’s see how far I can bend into this posture Hollywood shit. Call me corny but I really dig yoga for the whole mind releasing spirit restoring vibe. Also to gain a deeper insight into my own emotional baggage. Years of parked planes. Too much weight for one person to bear. Wheels up. Time to fly Shon. 


Gonna hang out at Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey for a few weeks. See how things go. Flow. Good class with Ryan this morning. Challenging. Felt no pressure to be super yogi. Spotted a few capes. Unbothered. Modified where I could. Managed my breath when I could remember. Think my fave go to green helped. It never fails to keep me hydrated. Exactly what you need for 90 minutes in 105 degrees. Drink up!


frozen  pineapple




11:35 PM Saturday Run

Thought about my run all day. Knew I was going to head out later that night in spite of working all day. As usual my legs felt fine. It’s the breathing I’ve yet to master. Any tips?  Last night’s run was dedicated to you Marvin. For so many reasons. Piece of clay…


Blueberry Blast Post Workout Green

Woke up with thoughts of Pilates. Didn’t make the rush or the two slow ass buses. Spotted my pink Pegasus’ on the floor. Thought why not? Been a couple of weeks since my last run. Not a runner. Don’t like to run unless I’m being chased or have a basketball in my hand. Real talk.



Run. Trot. Some cardio in between. Didn’t focus on how slow I was moving. Just that I was moving. By the time Nappy Roots started spittin’ the burning and itching had disappeared and I’d found my stride. Baby steps. Today’s run was dedicated to all the black men wrongfully convicted and currently incarcerated enduring years of a lengthy appeals process. Their families too. That’s peace.


Pre Workout Oatmeal with cranberries, cinnamon, agave, unsweetened vanilla almond milk + decaf green tea with lemon

Post Workout Blueberry Blast(recipe below)



frozen banana 

frozen blueberries 


chia seed

Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein(chocolate)

unsweetened vanilla almond milk 


ThanksLIVING Power Green

Sippin’ on this lovely. Drake remix playin’ the lobes. Still dig William Singe’s arrangement. Early mornin’ cruise. Cold air. Sharp mind. Senses free. Moon child vibes. Missin’ so many during this time. Dark corners still shed light. Energy way up. Tone down low. Crooked smile. Healthy glow. Enjoy!






flaxseed with blueberries


pumpkin flax granola

unsweetened vanilla rice milk


Night Cap

It’s super easy for me to start my day off with a green drink or smoothie. Night time not so much. I do my best not to eat or snack heavy before bed. Although I have no set time for pillow diving. I’m especially mindful of whatever I put in my body during this time. Not only does it affect my sleep it plays a huge part in my mood upon rising. Already got that whole Castor Pollux thing going naturally. I don’t need another reason for any more emotional swinging. 

Climbed down from my crescent and whipped up a chocolate PB & J smoothie. Recipe on the blog. Snacked on some bottom of the bag tortilla chips. Guzzled from a gallon. And drank my rather perfectly tasting smoothie. The texture trick to keeping all things creamy and smooth is to use frozen fruit. Didn’t head to bed for another couple of hours. Didnt head to the fridge either. Score! Keep it late night. Waist tight. I’m gon’.

Raw Lunch Erewhon

Thought I was in the mood for soup until I stepped outside. Temps still holdin’ LA steady. Didn’t have time to pack lunch this morning. I ain’t no meal prep type of chick. If I were I’d probably save way more time and money. It’s cool. I don’t wear a watch anyway.

Opted for a raw wrap instead of lentil soup. I love that Erewhon’s labels their soups V/VG. Vegan or Vegetarian. Whole Foods are ya’ listenin’? The wrap is pretty tasty. Could use a bit more of something. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Apparently my tongue either. Okay, just bit into the second half which means I’m no longer paying attention. Later daze.


Power Pre Workout Breakfast

This is definitely one of my fave breakfasts when I have time in the morning before the workout. That is the key. There’s no worse feeling than working out on a full stomach. I always let my tea steep a little longer in hopes of increasing the antioxidant vibe. Not sure if that’s true. I’d like to believe so. 
  salt free brown rice cakes, organic peanut butter, organic bananas 

Bob Mills organic quick cooking oats, water, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, agave

  decafeinnated green tea with fresh lemons

This awesome trio has powered a few early swims and a couple of ATC sessions. Now that the weather has cooled off in LA my body is craving something a little more substantial. Love it! As long as it tastes good and keeps me energized and feeling satiated during the workout I’m all in. Good stuff. Eat clean. Keep your training filthy.