Pre Cycle Ice Cream Wellness Shot Boost

Was feeling ancy late Thursday afternoon. Left the gig early to explore my thoughts. Free up my vibe. Replenish my energy. Ended up walking halfway to the gym. Skated the rest of the way.

Stopped in the Whole Foods at Fairfax/Santa Monica in search of a preworkout snack. Grabbed a big bottle of the 365 electrolyte water and a Rice Dream Mint Pie. Vegan vibes. Flag on the play.


No sooner had I swallowed the last bite my body slipped into a coma. A sugary one. I literally began to nod off while sitting outside. Even considered not going to cycling later. Shook that notion immediately. Hopped on my board and headed west on Santa Monica boulevard.

Skated a few blocks down and spotted the Earth Bar sign. Foot drag. Rocks skid. Board pop. Floated in. Super bright interior. Shelves lined with all types of packaged health. I was more interested in their juice bar. Hung a right. Looked over their list of wellness shots and picked one based on its ingredients. I’ll take a double. This one is actually called Wellness. The irony.


fresh lemon
oregano oil
Aged garlic extract
cayenne pepper

And double it they did. Tasted hot and oily going down. Throat was on fire. Chased the blaze with a few electrolytes. Voila. I was back in business. Okay, maybe five minutes later. But still I could feel it reversing the effects of my rice dream. Fun pun. Couldn’t resist.


Made it to my cycle class with Meagan at 24 Hour Fitness. Had an intense class of hills and sprints. My first one in awhile. Wore my ankle brace more as a preventive measure than a response to pain. Being much smarter with my food and training these days. Next time you’re at a real (Jamba Juice does not count) juice spot order up a wellness shot with your drink. It will change your life. Stay happy, healthy and hydrated kids.

I Love My Gym Fam

I’ve taken hundreds of pictures this past year of some of the most amazing, funny, cool, loving and determined people throughout this fitness journey of mine. I honestly can’t even define it as such anymore because it’s become so much greater than I could have ever imagined. I now view it simply as my journey.

Fitness has reconnected me to areas of my life that had lied dormant for years. Writing. Art. My thirst for adventure. Most importantly the spiritual vibe. I view life and people now with less of a cynical lens. I’m more open to different vibes. Conversations. Approaches. Whether I agree with them or not. I find myself taking less of a defensive stance. Being active has brought my life into balance. For that I am grateful. Humility ensues. Well, working on that one. Hold the applause.

It’s also opened my eyes to newer possibilities. Maybe even a new career. Personal trainer? Class instructor? Or traveling the world being an avid spokesperson for active and healthy living. I especially like the last one. The very idea fills my nomadic spirit. A girl can dream.

Taking gym classes from some of the best instructors has led me to redefine certain goals. Making my desire even greater to do absolutely everything fitness related. Or should I say life enhancing? Because my life has definitely changed for the better.

Along the way I’ve met some incredible men and women who share similar goals. We’re not interested in losing weight or working out or going to the gym because it’s always on trend. Especially here in LA. We’ve all made a commitment to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of our lives. That’s it.

I wish I could post every single picture I’ve ever taken in class. Somehow I think your eyes would grow tired after picture #959. Or at the very least you’d start rolling them at the sight of yet another Kodak moment depicting smiling, sweaty people. Here are a few that capture my sentiment.
The gratitude that I feel in having met you all reaches far beyond words. Know that you’ve impacted my life. And I hold you in my heart…forever. Stay motivated. Do everything. Live your best life. Stay blessed fam.


























Lose The Routine


Aren’t you tired already? You’ve been doing the same workout day in and…Sorry. Fell asleep just thinking about how boring routine sounds.

That goes for all areas of your life. For now we’ll just stick to fitness. I’ll leave the muckety muck of all that relationship jazz to the likes of Dr. Phil and my weekly ritual viewing of the same Sex and the City marathon.

Seriously though switch it up. Especially if you want to see lasting results. Cross training is key. Keeps the body guessing and injury free. At this point you’re probably expecting a list of suggestions. Wait for it…Wait for it…

Not gonna happen. By now you should know if you’re a gym rat, gym class student or studio goer. In other words you should be tree huggin’ your fitness journey right about now. It’s different for everyone. The only thing we all have in common as we attempt to Hansel and Gretel the vibe is our freedom of choice.

I decide. You decide. We decide. To stop being afraid of change. Enough said.

That’s my time y’all. My name is Shon Lomax. Don’t forget to validate on your way out. Good night.