Skate Lunch Juice Read

Ate and drank ridiculously crazy yesterday. Me and the Easter bunny. Running buddies fo’ life. Another groovy Sunday for the books. 

Decided to give my system a much needed break today. No solids. Mostly water, green tea with lemon and a small bag of trail mix. That was this morning’s vibe.

Lunch was a quart of apple, kiwi, banana and kale and a new book I picked up yesterday. Felt good to sit in the sun and read. Casually sippin’ on all things green.

Headed to yoga after work. Taking it slow. Letting my system find it’s natural flow again. Dig. 

Sunday ConversationsĀ 

Sleep. Wake. Head. Ache. Green tea vibes. Oatmeal ties. Knees creak. Cold floors. Everett shit. Mind lit. No ghosts. Of Christmas past. He and mater didn’t last. Shower. Warm. Air. Cold. Door. Slam. Board. Jam. Cafe talk. No one’s listening. Almond tonic. Loosens the tongue. No one’s listening. Food. Good. Water. Downed. Sweet on a potato. Board. Jam. Skate away. Scene. Me done seen. Eyes on blue. Trees. Chase you. Bike  lanes too. Drop in. Waves down. Ohio’s. Prince. New crown. Alarm.