Swim Life

Spending more time in the water. Less on land. No frivolous talk of plans. Just swimming.

Fave lil’ preworkout swim snack. Small bag of sea salt popcorn and a super short hazelnut latte with coconut milk. 

I don’t rely on the caffeine to push my workout. I drink decafeinnated tea seven days a week. The occasional latte is a nice way to warm up for these chilly LA night swims. I usually consume eighty ounces of water throughout my work day. So by the time I hit the pool later I’m pretty hydrated. Thinning out any heart rushing effects compliments of Starbucks.

Green On The Go

I’m always moving. Even in my sleep. This funky lil’ green through summer I shall keep. Love my life!

whole frickin’ apple 

huge handful of spinach

killer cukes

frozen pineapple

went with ginger today instead of turmeric 


Saturday Night Swim Fever

It just keeps getting better. Swimming longer. Better stroke. Improved breath work. Still have a ways to go before summer’s here. No rush. Plantbased vibe is a lifestyle. Not a diet plan. Energy wayyyyy…up I feel blessed. Let the late night recovery begin. Light fare on deck. A bit of Netflix and some reading before bed. Night owls. 



8 Reasons Why I Dig The New Vega Sport Protein

Love. Did I say love?  Pretty sure I said love. Love the new Vega Sport Performance Protein. Yes, Vega has revamped the vibe. Attention all athletes: It’s on and crackin’ now. This is the part where I’m suppose to sing, “I’m a Vega girl, livin’ in a Vega world.” Can the piano. Burn the sheet music. This one needs no introduction.

I’ve always used Vega. Every now and then trying out other plantbased protein brands. Few have come close to the results needed in between workouts. Why Vega? Let me tell you.

  1. No chalk mouth. It tastes great.   
  2. No dirty stomach. It digests well.
  3. Mixes well. Just add water.  
  4. Recover faster. Better quality workouts.   
  5. Little or no joint pain. Right knee swag.
  6. Clean plantbased protein. It won’t whey you down.    
  7. Kicks the shit outta muscle fatigue. Flex on ’em.  
  8. Brendan Brazier is dope. Real athlete. True vegan. Read up on him. He started tinkering with the idea years before it was hip and trendy to wave the now all too conveniently popular  ‘V’ flag.   

Thanksgiving Charity Challenge

A quick reminder. I’m working out(Oct.28-Nov.26) to help raise money for the Homeless Veterans of Richmond charity. I’m a veteran. There have been periods in my life when my living situation has been less than stable. Richmond, VA is also my birthplace. I’d like to help support the needs of homeless veterans who may not have access to a larger network of resources.

Please donate and share the link below https://the-extra-mile-thanksgiving-charity-challenge.everydayhero.com/us/shon
Logging my workouts with Map My Fitness(when I can remember) powered by Under Armour. Wigtoss in advance for your support. 


Good Swim Today

Hit the pool not quite midday. Goal was to get there earlier to avoid the lane hogs and those people who impatiently wait for you to finish even though the other side of the lane is free. Yes, there is a certain snobbery that goes on at the 24Hour Fitness pool in WeHo(West Hollywood)


I largely ignore the politics and focus on getting my swim on. It’s a groovy rooftop pool with super soft water. And not too many chemicals. Although there’s a closer gym with an indoor pool I prefer this one. It’s where I get some of my best swim tips from swimmers who’ve swam competitively. Thanks Seth for noticing that my head was coming to far out of the water and my stroke was short. Focused on those two things today and had a stronger swim that didn’t leave me breathless in between strokes. Stoked! Can’t wait til’ my next sesh.


Letting Go


Time to step out of the shadow of my former self. I’ve been going nowhere fast trying to duplicate my previous fitness and weight loss success. No can do anymore. If I’ve learned anything from this ankle injury is that nothing after will ever be the same.

Hate that I wasted an entire year by stubbornly persisting otherwise in my attempts to regain muscle and lose weight. I will achieve those goals again. But not by using the same approach. Decided to try a sane approach.


First things first. Laying my longboard, Bamboo, down. Yes, I name my boards. No, I will not be skating anytime soon. Getting my ankle healthy and strong again is priority. Next step is to get outta my head with any thoughts of doubt and fear.

What I’ve discovered through all of this is that people cheer you on when you’re able to cheer them on. Fact. Otherwise it’s crickets. It’s important not to become bitter. Only to become better.


Blackfish: See World

Blackfish the documentary is now playing on Netflix. Finally got a chance to peep the story behind Tilikum the killer whale and how SeaWorld hunted and captured him and other orcas solely for profit at their theme parks. A common practice since the 70s.


I won’t spoil it for ya’. But I will say watching this made me both mad and sad. Yes, to the point of tears. Much like my reaction after seeing The Cove a few years ago. Where has our humanity gone?

We have no right to track, hunt and capture any animals or mammals living and thriving in their natural habitat. What if the roles were reversed and the animals suddenly had the power to do to us what’s been done to them for generations?


Today’s society measures success by the length of a dollar instead of an outstretched hand offering help and support. Watch Blackfish. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.