Parked It At Lunch

I work inside all day. So it’s especially nice when I can pop out for some food and fresh air. Erewhon was in my sights. Decided to make the trek. 

Light appetite. On the menu. Mock tuna. Brown rice crackers with a black sesame twist. A bottle of electrolytes. And a lovely lime tart. Plantbased baby! All day. Errrrrr…day.

While America Sleeps

Please don’t scrutinize the picture with your judgement of what you think homelessness should look like. I don’t care that his socks are clean and he has iPhone earphones in his ear. Or that he’s surrounded by books that look hardly worn from moving around. He could have just lost his place. Been kicked out from somewhere. Not unusual this time of year. I don’t know his story. Nor do I know the stories of the countless others I pass on the street and ride the bus with on a daily.

If it makes you feel better, yes most of them are usually filthy and smell bad. But it doesn’t suggest that their situation is one of more hardship than the man pictured here sleeping on a side street in Hollywood. Like I said before I don’t know his story. As I leaned in to slip a bill into his cup I didn’t hear any music coming from the earphones. Nor did he stir. Happy Holidaze.

Bloggers I Need Your Kelp…Help

Calling all bloggers! In need of your help. In dire straits is more like it. I have an extremely well written, funny and sometimes insightful blog. I’m no fitness professional or expert. But I am a writer, currently living in Los Angeles, who digs all things health, fitness, food and oh yeah fun.

Here’s the problem. Wait for it…wait for it. Kidding. A lil’ distracted. Just remembered that I have another chia pudding in the fridge. Whew hoo!

Okay, seriously though. How do I get rid of all these frickin’ categories? I blog from my phone. New laptop in the works. Not really. But it sounds legit. In the meantime HELP! I’m not having much luck with WordPress on my tablet either. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Chia pudding time!


Swingers Are The Worse

Late night creep after peeping some spoken word landed me in the land of Swingers. The restaurant that is. Address is yada yada yada somewhere on Beverly Blvd. Google it! They gets no love from me.

Nope, they’re not a vegan spot. Yep, they offer vegan/vegetarian options. Nope, I wouldn’t call it food. Thought long and hard before ordering because everything was soy, processed, soy and processed. Is this Veggie Grill?


Decided on avocado toast sans chili flakes and an order of fries. Had to send the fries back because they were undercooked. The same fries reappeared five minutes later. Grease spots intact on wax paper lining the basket and a degree or two darker.

If you look closely at the left piece of toast you’ll see what appears to be a tiny lump of mucus. It was actually pieces from the lemon they generously squeeze on before flying it out of the pickup window. I’m guessing their one star chef didn’t give it a second thought. All I kept saying was, “That looks like snot on my toast and it’s soggy as hell.”


I’ll take the ‘L’ on this one. That’s loss for those trapped in the vernacular closet. I hadn’t eaten much all day and was beginning to feel sick and Swingers was the closest spot to the venue. Writers gotta eat too. Just not here. There. Or anywhere where the music is obnoxiously loud, the food is awful(I saw a few meat eaters cringing over their plates too) and your server is merely a mirage. Of course really really really drunk people won’t mind the substandard fare. That seems to be the restaurant’s draw approaching the wee hours.


Even their cookies sucked. I snagged a vegan Snickerdoodle(not pictured) for the road. It was so hard it could have been the road.

As a vegan I should have known better. But most importantly I should have planned better. My stomach still hurts. And I’ve been sick all day. One cup of peppermint tea with more than a splash of almond milk coming right up! Ummm… I’m gon’ need a baby wig. I can feel my hair growing back…On my chest!

Game Matcha Point

I’ve discovered matcha. More like the matcha green tea latte you can find at Coffee Bean or any other caffeinated chain peddling the latest trend in eye opening drinks.

Matcha is a fine powder green tea of Japanese origin. Traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony. I’ve also had one from seed which was more natural in taste. I prefer this version. It’s healthier. Simply the green tea powder, almond milk and a bit of maple to sweeten the vibe.


Beware of the added sugar in powders being used in your drinks. Your middle will begin to protest. Since I’m on the other side of town I had to settle for the sweet shit. Now I shall go burn it off as I skate back to the yoga studio. Cheers!


Rahm Connects Breath To Movement

If you take enough yoga classes you will repeatedly hear instructors encourage yogis to connect breath to movement. I’m not sure how often it happens or if anyone’s really listening. Most people are so eager to achieve a pose that they forget to breathe . Continue with the head scratching while I explain.

Unlike most sports or gym classes, yoga is not about the physical body. I mean it is but it isn’t. I’m discovering that the more focused and controlled my breathing becomes the deeper I can exist in a pose. I find it to be far more strengthening, less risk of injury and a unexplainable mental connection.

Tonight’s Yoga Sculpt with Rahm Sharifi was just that. He always brings such a beautiful energy into the space. It is without effort or a need to appeal. From the beginning he reminds us to make it about our practice. Our breath. Our flow. Ridding ourselves of all comfort zones.

It was if he had read my mind. At the start of class I noticed that most of the spaces were taken, so I had to unroll my mat in the back far right corner. Not my favorite spot, convinced that more energy existed in the center of the room where I normally practice . Once I decided to not shift to the left or move altogether, I realized that I had entered into a higher vibration. Unbeknownst to my ego, I had let go of what I could not change.

Rahm’s voice was ever present. But it was the breath that guided my movement. I’d never experienced that before tonight. A few fleeting moments of Zen like quality here and there, yes. But never for the duration of a class.

It was also my first pain free flow. I don’t rush my movement in yoga. Although I could pay closer attention to my body alignment. I’ll start by just breathing.

You can catch up with Rahm at Hot8 Yoga and Sweat Yoga LA. Now go get ya’ flow on.


A Little Yoga Etiquette Please

Living in LA, I’ve come to realize that everyone’s movin’ and shakin’. Doesn’t mean they’re necessarily movers and shakers. They only want you to think that. Short sigh in. Oh the redundancy of it all. Normally I chuckle at the level of self-absorption this town encourages, promotes and damn near rewards at the dissolution of humanity, morals and compassion.

It’s Hollywood. Someone’s always hurling something in your direction. Usually bricks or bullshit. One’s bound to get struck. From which you choose to frame yo’ house is yo’ business. And of course yo’ karma. Just don’t bring that, I just got off the 405 and it was hell trying to find parking, energy all up in yoga. Save that foolishness for the gym.

Whether you view it as just another workout, part of the ever changing weightloss trend or just want to sound impressive to friends, coworkers and the mailman, it is so much more. With daily practice it will begin to spill over into other areas of your life. Positively.

And if you still don’t give a damn about any of that I shall proceed to dismount my very high Zen horse and drop a few hints so that yogis everywhere can dig on their flow in spite of your total disregard.

1. Respect the sanctity of the space. No cell phones, headphones, shoes or large bags inside of the room. It brings in outside energy. Literally.

2. Enough with the chatter. Talking and loud whispering is disruptive and disrespectful to others who are setting their intention for class or are in shavasana afterwards.

3. Smell me something good. Not really. Leave the sprays, oils and creams at home. Especially if the practice is in a heated space. In doing so you avoid someone having a possible allergic reaction. Or who may find the smell offensive. Yes, I’m talking to the guy who lathers on the minty body cream mere minutes after class.


Hollywood Farmer’s Market


Sunday is always a good day to go to the market. Hollywood Farmer’s Market has always been one of my favorites. Hadn’t been in awhile. I’m usually in a NTC class. Decided to roll through. No real shopping in mind. In search of interesting wares, ethnic jewelry and of course any type of vegan fare for my own gobbling purposes.











Vegan ice cream. Score! Wish the cup were bigger. No Moo are ya’ listening?



Cheese heads apply here. This stuff’s good. Never have to wary with Nary Dairy. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.




I’m always down for a great tasting green drink. Especially when it’s ginger heavy.


My first time ever meeting a rugby player. Jabari was cool. Need something light and healthy while shopping? Super Salads To Go to the rescue.





Spotted a cool Frida coat. Beyond dope.


For the most part people abided by this rule. Still saw a few pets roaming. Pet lovers keep your pets at home when visiting farmer’s markets. There’s food everywhere and throngs of people. Your pet being there, whether on a leash or in a stroller, poses a health risk to food preparation. Not to mention all of the market goers may cause your pet some anxiety because so much is going on which would prove not so fun for le pooch.



A little serenade as you head home with all of your goodies.

Hollywood Farmer’s Market(Sunday) 1600 Ivar Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323)463-3171

Hot8 Yoga By The Beach


Swung by Hot8 Yoga in Santa Monica last night for a Hot Yin class with Star Rader. I’ve taken a few of her classes in Beverly Hills. She’s always great.

Felt good to be back on my mat. Missed a few sessions due to a slight upheaval in my workout schedule. It’s all good. Embracing the change. Letting life flow.

My first time at this studio. Smaller than the other location. Yet big on smiles and customer service. Definitely the Hot8 way. April and Lauren were very helpful in getting me settled in. Even offering a tour and to house my longboard behind the desk while I take class. Way cool. Thank you ladies. Can’t wait to come back.








Hot8 Yoga 1422 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310)866-5280