Green On The Go

I’m always moving. Even in my sleep. This funky lil’ green through summer I shall keep. Love my life!

whole frickin’ apple 

huge handful of spinach

killer cukes

frozen pineapple

went with ginger today instead of turmeric 


Post Yoga Green

After yoga. Happy hour. The other one.  Post workout recovery vibe. Although I don’t view yoga as a workout. And never will. But that’s a conversation to be had on a Wednesday in the second month of June. Besides I’ve lent out all of the blue soapboxes for the day. Dig on your inner peace. There is no lease. Only life. Not channeling Buddha. More like booyah! I’m gon.’


some kale 

lots of spinach

frozen raspberries

frozen blueberries


Sun Warrior protein(chocolate)

unsweetened vanilla almond milk


Pre Bikram Green

It’s been months since my last yoga class. Sorta fell outta love with it after a year of practicing. Various studios. Too much rock and roll let’s see how far I can bend into this posture Hollywood shit. Call me corny but I really dig yoga for the whole mind releasing spirit restoring vibe. Also to gain a deeper insight into my own emotional baggage. Years of parked planes. Too much weight for one person to bear. Wheels up. Time to fly Shon. 


Gonna hang out at Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey for a few weeks. See how things go. Flow. Good class with Ryan this morning. Challenging. Felt no pressure to be super yogi. Spotted a few capes. Unbothered. Modified where I could. Managed my breath when I could remember. Think my fave go to green helped. It never fails to keep me hydrated. Exactly what you need for 90 minutes in 105 degrees. Drink up!


frozen  pineapple




Rainy Day Green

Another rainy day in LA. Slid on my board. Dodging rainbows and God’s flow. Dig on this mean green y’all. It’s packin’ a lil’ heat. Morning vibes. Blissful.


more kale

than spinach

cool ass cukes

a very pink lady apple 

juicy lemon half

couple shakes cayenne pepper 


Saturday’s Swimmer Green

Could have used a few more hours of sleep this morning. Woke too soon thinking that I had to be at work much earlier. Turns out I didn’t. Decided to pack my swim gear and make a clean green. Headed to fave outdoor pool. 24HR Fitness in West Hollywood. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last swim. Let’s see how it goes. Dig on this green in the meantime. Kale yeah it was good! Fresh ginger would have been a nice touch to keep the inflammation down. I usually have some on hand. Next time.

lots of kale


pink lady Apple 

frozen pineapple

chia seed



Manic Monday Green

New fave green vibe up for your healthy grab. Drank it this morning on my way in to the average gig. One day soon I’ll be pitching my literary tent on a studio lot. Basking in the glowless bosom of retail hell requires little or no passion. I’ve grown tired of the long napping. Perhaps an occasional food fight in the lunch room would break up the monotony. Remember to always dream wig! Pulling out all of one’s  hair until it comes true. Sip!



pink lady apple 



frozen pineapple


Pre ATC Workout Green

Super light green. Hella energizing. It rules over inflammation. I like to get a jump start on my lactic acid buildup. Normally I go for a smoothie before taking a HITT class. Of the rationale that the fuller I felt after drinking it the more it would sustain my workout. Got that one wrong again Fred.

The smoothies tend to not digest as easily unless I drink them at least an hour and a half before class. No bueno. I’m usually hungry again by the time class starts. There goes my focus and form right out the foodie window. Anybody else suddenly want pancakes and a really good tofu scramble?


Drinking a green juice 45 minutes before class had the opposite effect.

•No upset stomach once I began to sweat
•No cramping
•No bloating
•Felt satiated and energized during the entire time

Keepin’ it clean and light before each workout from now on. Definitely like the benefits. Let me know if you try this recipe. Cheers! Norm! Okay, I’m gone.

mixed greens
chia seed

Sunday Morning Green

Woke up on both sides of the pillow this morn’. Castor and Pollux were fighting. Nick Drake was talking. I hardly listened. Eyes two perfect slits. October’s heat wave. Welcome to LA.


Castor snacked on cheddar squares while Pollux glared in his direction. Eventually whipping up this lovely tasting green for their sampling.


cherry tomatoes


Trying a new multivitamin. Snagged it at Whole Foods. Have heard good things about Country Life. No grapevine. Just a pen and a scream. Feel free to insert dream. This is Hollywood. Now go juice something!