Parked It At Lunch

I work inside all day. So it’s especially nice when I can pop out for some food and fresh air. Erewhon was in my sights. Decided to make the trek. 

Light appetite. On the menu. Mock tuna. Brown rice crackers with a black sesame twist. A bottle of electrolytes. And a lovely lime tart. Plantbased baby! All day. Errrrrr…day.

8 Reasons Why I Dig The New Vega Sport Protein

Love. Did I say love?  Pretty sure I said love. Love the new Vega Sport Performance Protein. Yes, Vega has revamped the vibe. Attention all athletes: It’s on and crackin’ now. This is the part where I’m suppose to sing, “I’m a Vega girl, livin’ in a Vega world.” Can the piano. Burn the sheet music. This one needs no introduction.

I’ve always used Vega. Every now and then trying out other plantbased protein brands. Few have come close to the results needed in between workouts. Why Vega? Let me tell you.

  1. No chalk mouth. It tastes great.   
  2. No dirty stomach. It digests well.
  3. Mixes well. Just add water.  
  4. Recover faster. Better quality workouts.   
  5. Little or no joint pain. Right knee swag.
  6. Clean plantbased protein. It won’t whey you down.    
  7. Kicks the shit outta muscle fatigue. Flex on ’em.  
  8. Brendan Brazier is dope. Real athlete. True vegan. Read up on him. He started tinkering with the idea years before it was hip and trendy to wave the now all too conveniently popular  ‘V’ flag.   

Double Power Monday Greens

Not much writing this morning. At a portion in the book where the last twenty pages whine like an endless cycle of regret. Sometimes it’s hard to plow through all the shit. Face to face with myself. Yes, I’m editing my first book. 417 pages. I’ll let you know how it flows.


On a much doper note. Decided to whip up a green juice and a green smoothie to kick off Monday. Even after a cup of warm lemon water stomach vibe still didn’t feel alkalized. Felt like straight garbage. Made two of my fave green recipes to go.

hemp seed
chia seed


Rinsed out the Nutribullet cup and tossed in the ingredients for a green smoothie.


frozen banana
frozen berries
chia seed
Vega Sport protein
unsw vanilla rice milk

Slammed this one down right before the Uber arrived because it smelled so good. Still sticking to my gallon of water a day. Skin is improving and my joints are diggin’ the hydration. Dig on the recipes and the rest of your day. Let me know if you try one!


Lunch To Go

I love it when I pack my lunch. It’s cheaper. It’s healthier. It’s cheaper. It’s healthier. Okay, enough with the daily mantra. I do believe that you are hip.

Eating vegan is costly. Especially when grabbing healthier fare to go. I still have my days when I lazily give in to the habit of choosing the same ol’ eateries within skating distance of the gig. That gets expensive over time. And to be honest rarely am I ever satisfied. Usually becoming hungry an hour later. No bueno.


Been grubbin’ on this salad for a few days now. I get like that when I create a recipe that I love. Same goes for juices and smoothies.

grape tomatoes
lemon juice
Olive hummus
veggie patty


Threw a pear, some raw almonds, oatmeal, Larabar and some plantain chips up in the lunch bag mix. Still running out of food towards the end of my work day. No bueno. Gotta figure that out now that I’m active again. Perhaps a bigger lunch bag is the answer.

Lunch Vibe

Started taking my lunch again this week. Snagged some heavy duty Rubbermaid containers from Target on Wednesday. Wanted glass. But these will do for now.I don’t plan on heating up any food in these bad boys. Think I also read on the box somewhere that they were BPA free. Cool.


All life is a win when ya’ don’t have to spend. Yep! Saving money. Another perk of packing my daily eats. Instead of dropping $9-15 a day on overly processed vegan “food” I now shell out two bucks for a snack in between. Tops. I also know what I’m eating because I prepared it. Pretty sure one day I’ll eventually snag a pizza or end up in that godforsaken Sprinkles line, both fingers crossed that they haven’t run out of vegan cupcakes. Just not today.



Discovering A Juicier Life

I’m still battling a persistent cough. But the fever and chills are gone. Have taken a combination of over the counter and homeopathic drugs. To be honest neither has really worked. Trips to CVS and Whole Foods have proved futile.

What has been working, albeit slowly, is my increased intake of green juices. Switching up the recipes has also helped. Introducing the body to new ingredients has been refreshing. Sounds corny. Yet true.


Snagged this quart of lemon, orange and ginger with extra ginger from Farm Fresh Produce at the 3rd/Fairfax Farmer’s Market while on lunch one day. Definitely soothed my very sore throat.


Tried my first Fru-G cold pressed juice on Wednesday. It’s sold at The Body Factory. Loved that it was bottled and the ingredients were listed on the label. New recipe alert! Most definitely will try at home. Oh yeah, it tasted good. It was enough to hold me over until I could actually chew a meal. I still enjoy doing that. Although I haven’t had much of an appetite since this whole cold/flu virus hit.

No gym classes or hot yoga lately. No real energy or enthusiasm for either. Later post coming, Going Without The Flow. I’m sure once I resume a little bit of both then my appetite will return. Until then I will keep exploring this whole juicing thing. Not as a meal replacement. More like a preventive measure to keep my immune system on point.


Will post this green monster this week. Currently my new fave juice. Who knew pears could be so groovy? Now go juice something!

Monday’s Moody Green

Forgot to post. Or didn’t want to post. Either one of those reasons will work. I’ll be honest. It’s kinda hard to post about taking gym classes when I haven’t been able to take gym classes. It’s been months. Injuries suck. No point in pretending like they don’t.

I made a concerted effort not to blog about my day to day struggle with having to go from being so active to being benched by my doctor. We won’t discuss the initial misdiagnosis. Yes, I pulled out what little hair I had left after being told.

Enough said. Today is a new day. Or what’s left of it. So let’s move on. Saw the podiatrist on Tuesday. My right ankle is now strong enough to start physical therapy. Whew hoo! Let the healing begin. Name that movie. Betcha can’t.

If I may interrupt your Google moment for a sec let me tell you about Monday’s tasty green. It was beyond comprehension. Sort of like my Nutribullet when it starts to sputter. Enjoy!


frozen berries
hemp seed
peanut butter
coconut milk

The Perfect Bar

Okay, I ate the most perfect vegan bar ever in the wee hours of this morning. Latent hunger pains left over from last night’s swim. When I say this bar is perfect it literally is, well, perfect. Definitely the right mix of ingredients and…wait for it…it tasted fresh and wasn’t short on flavor. Ding ding ding we have a winner!


You won’t find the usual stiff, grainy, cardboard, sugary taste that is so characteristic of pretty much every vegan bar on the market. The softer versions aren’t much better either. Usually leaving my stomach feeling dirty and my hunger hardly satisfied.

The Perfect Bar not only edges out Vega, Pure and Larabar it tramples the vegan bar competition. Why? Because it tastes really really really good. Suddenly I’m having a Zoolander moment.


Have to say I only picked up the Perfect Bar because I was curious and found the name smugly humorous. No need to cue the laugh track. This bar is all that and a row of bars. I’ll let that one sink in. I also loved the story behind the business. Small and family owned but with a big heart. I won’t give away the ending. You can check it out here It’s a good one.

You can find the Perfect Bar in the refrigerated sections of your local health food store. Snagged mine at N101 Nutrition Health & Sport in West Hollywood. If Whole Foods or Erewhon don’t carry them stage a protest until they do. Kidding. So not kidding. I’m definitely going back to N101 and stock up. I could use a little more perfection in my life.

Get Her A Blendtec

I’ll get right to the point. Can someone please get me a Blendtec? How about Blendtec getting me a Blendtec? My poor Nutribullet is on it’s last leg. Has been for some time now. I swear everytime I juice or blend it starts doing the humpty dance across the counter.


I blend too heavy and too often for my Magic Bullet. I’ve had it since April 2013 and it started to give three months into the action. By the sixth month I was burning rubber. There were no cars involved.


The blades are warped and I’m convinced the next time I juice(more like pulp) I’ll be the one standing curbside singing “We Didn’t Start The Fire” when the big red trucks arrive.


This is the part where I hit you with the whole blogger spiel that I’ve read so many times on Instagram. “I’d love for you to send me a Blendtec to review and to share recipes on my blog.” Yeah yeah yeah. True. But I’ve wanted a Blendtec since I first heard about them last year from a guy whose had every top notch juicer on the market.


He recommended the Blendtec because it was:

Easier cleanup

Not to mention its many different settings. I could go on but I’d rather you click on the link and see why my life will continue to stink if I don’t snag one of these bad boys soon. If I could afford one I’d be talking about my lack of red toenail polish instead. Or how long my hair is actually growing while blending in my new Blendtec. Alas, I am a mere scribe pooling together my last few pennies. Barely able to afford another small literary masterpiece from yet another big chain bookstore. In my best Tiny Tim voice of course. Yeah yeah yeah. I know the holidays have already passedYour point? For the love of Goji berries man Get her a Blendtec!