Parked It At Lunch

I work inside all day. So it’s especially nice when I can pop out for some food and fresh air. Erewhon was in my sights. Decided to make the trek. 

Light appetite. On the menu. Mock tuna. Brown rice crackers with a black sesame twist. A bottle of electrolytes. And a lovely lime tart. Plantbased baby! All day. Errrrrr…day.

3 Reasons Why I Love Oreos


Most people assume I only hug trees when I’m not eating grass. When I actually prefer to climb trees and run across grass barefoot. Just sayin’. Whats that got to do with Oreos? Not a damn thing. Currently trapped in a turtle paced Uber with 80s music playing lowly. Late for a hair appointment. Thought I’d insert a disclaimer.

Oreos. Yes! Love them. Oreos. Yes! Eat them. Oreos! Yes! Kid fun. I’ll stay one forever. Here are three reasons why I really dig ’em:

1. They’re vegan. At least the original are moo free.

2. They make me smile. Especially when they’re not stale.

3. I can share and still have plenty left. I prefer not to share tho’. Just sayin’.

Lunch Vibe

Started taking my lunch again this week. Snagged some heavy duty Rubbermaid containers from Target on Wednesday. Wanted glass. But these will do for now.I don’t plan on heating up any food in these bad boys. Think I also read on the box somewhere that they were BPA free. Cool.


All life is a win when ya’ don’t have to spend. Yep! Saving money. Another perk of packing my daily eats. Instead of dropping $9-15 a day on overly processed vegan “food” I now shell out two bucks for a snack in between. Tops. I also know what I’m eating because I prepared it. Pretty sure one day I’ll eventually snag a pizza or end up in that godforsaken Sprinkles line, both fingers crossed that they haven’t run out of vegan cupcakes. Just not today.



Some Days A Girl Just Wants Pizza

Been eating way too much bread lately. It doesn’t leave my body as quickly as it use to. It kinda just settles around my belly and hips area waiting for the fat pass to expire. Guess it’s that whole fountain of youth thing that’s missing. No bueno. Especially if you like skating in skinny jeans. But this pie from Blaze Pizza was totally worth the next couple of days of squeezing into my coolness.

I ordered less of the Daiya cheese, which I find pretty much flavorless, to make more tasting room for the fresh veggies. Bomb! Did I say it was bomb?


Pizza Smizza

Saturday night. Off from work. In need of a quick bite. Headed out of The Grove and towards Blaze Pizza located on the fringes of the Farmer’s Market at Fairfax and 3rd. Not even the rain could have stopped me. I’d had my mind set on it all day. Especially after escaping the throes of a Girl Scout Troop set up outside of our store peddling those all too familiar yet incredibly expensive cookies. Bye Tiffany!


Arrived at Blaze. Got my usual. Bunch of veggies and of course Daiya cheese held it all together. Still not a fan of this cheese. I don’t care how many vegans rant and rave about its dairy like delectability. I’m still not convinced. It may melt like cheese but it sure doesn’t taste like cheese. Flavorless is more like the vibe. So I tend to have them spread my pie very thin.

Ten minutes later I was sitting in front of my steaming pizza. It only takes four minutes for them to fire it up. Other pizza chains please take note. I was able to polish it off just in time to catch my first bus heading home. Pizza smile everlasting.

Blaze Pizza 110 S. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

The Perfect Bar

Okay, I ate the most perfect vegan bar ever in the wee hours of this morning. Latent hunger pains left over from last night’s swim. When I say this bar is perfect it literally is, well, perfect. Definitely the right mix of ingredients and…wait for it…it tasted fresh and wasn’t short on flavor. Ding ding ding we have a winner!


You won’t find the usual stiff, grainy, cardboard, sugary taste that is so characteristic of pretty much every vegan bar on the market. The softer versions aren’t much better either. Usually leaving my stomach feeling dirty and my hunger hardly satisfied.

The Perfect Bar not only edges out Vega, Pure and Larabar it tramples the vegan bar competition. Why? Because it tastes really really really good. Suddenly I’m having a Zoolander moment.


Have to say I only picked up the Perfect Bar because I was curious and found the name smugly humorous. No need to cue the laugh track. This bar is all that and a row of bars. I’ll let that one sink in. I also loved the story behind the business. Small and family owned but with a big heart. I won’t give away the ending. You can check it out here It’s a good one.

You can find the Perfect Bar in the refrigerated sections of your local health food store. Snagged mine at N101 Nutrition Health & Sport in West Hollywood. If Whole Foods or Erewhon don’t carry them stage a protest until they do. Kidding. So not kidding. I’m definitely going back to N101 and stock up. I could use a little more perfection in my life.

So These Tacos Were Amazing

Ever since I made some Untuna a couple of weeks ago I’ve become obsessed with improving the recipe. Really I’ve just become obsessed with eating Untuna everyday. This is the one recipe I can pretty much eat with anything. Not only is it healthy and filling. It’s also yummy. I don’t normally use that word. But it felt like a yummy moment and figured you’d be expecting it.


On today’s menu were, you guessed it, Untuna tacos. Snagged some taco shells from Trader’s. Got the idea from a comment left by fellow blogger, Ema Jones, on the original post Ain’t No Tuna In My Tuna . I didn’t stir fry it like she suggested. But I was curious about those taco shells. Score!


Capers and an olive tapenade went into last week’s batch. Definitely kicked up the zing. Today’s taco filling was more laid back. Almost Zen like. That’s code for I need to go grocery shopping instead of buying five items every other day. It was still good though. I’ve already eaten three.

Definitely try making your own. Let me know if it rocks as good as mine. I’m always interested in putting a new spin on recipes. I shall now leave you to your garbanzo(chickpeas) smashing while I catch up with Toni, Joan, Lynn and Maya. Let the Girlfriends games begin!

Heady Green

Going on day two of having this crazy headache. Not sure if it’s because my eye prescription is off. It is. Or if it’s because I’ve been trying to find more
creative ways to workout with one leg.


Whipped this up around midday in hopes of easing the vibe. This small amount of ingredients kicks pain and inflammation in the ass when ya’ blend ’em just right. Think next time I’m just gonna pour it directly in my eyes. Enjoy!


green apple