tocaya organica

Two groovy things happened yesterday. Sunday. I bought a new longboard and I rolled through to a new spot in Venice tocaya. Grabbed mine to go because the VBL(Venice Basketball League) had a few games going on. 

Service was prompt. Food was hella fresh tasting. They definitely don’t use microwaves here.  I could have done without the  pomegranate and what looked like pumpkin seeds in my guac.. It was also cool seeing the chef Felix. He’s normally over at Toca Madera. tocaya organica is the new baby in the family. All entrees start off vegan. That’s a switch. You can add your choice of protein. Carnivores and herbivores do come hither. Tell em the bald longboading lady sent ya’.

Yoga & Urban Masala

After a hip opening while using lots of props Flow Basics yoga class with Molly over at Wanderlust Hollywood I was starved. Headed over to Urban Masala for some Indian grub. 


Snagged a masala bowl with rice, saag tofu and Chana masala. It was all kinds of steamy fresh tasting deliciousness. Completely demolished it. 


Added two samosas on the side. They were more than just a little overdone. Kinda sucks because I love samosas. Managed to scrape out the insides. Dig tamarind sauce. Hold the mint.  Only my second visit. Will be back. I’m a sucker for fluffy rice and perfectly spiced chickpeas. 

Vegan Planet

It ain’t just about me eating meat or dairy free. Or looking lovely in a bikini. It’s so much bigger than that. Have you seen the world lately? Me neither. That’s because each day a little more of it disappears. 


Greed, money and power make the world go around. Instead of love, sharing and working together to reverse man’s total disregard for the planet. No time to be sad because it’s true. Doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can’t do.

And what about the children? Whether they’re the ones with growing legs parked underneath your dinner table each night or others who have no dinner each night. Having a table seems hardly important if there is no food to eat.


It’s so much bigger than us. Can’t you see?


Saba’s Super Salad Saturday 

Short eight hours today. More like six. I find that exceedingly groovy when you’re making money for da man who has no plan to give you more than what’s already in yo hand. Alas, that conversation is for another hey.

I’m always hungry. It’s not a heavily guarded secret. Managed to eat my lunch before the clock struck yum!  Luckily my coworker Saba had made good on her promise to bring me one of her famous salads. Score!  

A colorful concoction of all of my favorite ingredients. Did I mention how fresh it tasted? Every single ingredient had a organic pop that’s sorely missing in most stores prepackaged vibe. And the dressing? Let’s just say she had me at, “I make my own.”

Super Salad








Saba’s Dressing

Olive oil

balsamic vinegar 

Sesame seeds



Raw Lunch Erewhon

Thought I was in the mood for soup until I stepped outside. Temps still holdin’ LA steady. Didn’t have time to pack lunch this morning. I ain’t no meal prep type of chick. If I were I’d probably save way more time and money. It’s cool. I don’t wear a watch anyway.

Opted for a raw wrap instead of lentil soup. I love that Erewhon’s labels their soups V/VG. Vegan or Vegetarian. Whole Foods are ya’ listenin’? The wrap is pretty tasty. Could use a bit more of something. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Apparently my tongue either. Okay, just bit into the second half which means I’m no longer paying attention. Later daze.


Pre Workout Swim Green

A couple of days in using Sunwarrior Raw Vegan protein. Have to say I really like it. Goes down clean. Naturally sustains my workouts. Matter of fact just finished mixing a scoop with water in my Blender Bottle while sitting on the steps of the WGA. Wink! Wink!


Lovely swim yesterday morn’. Focused. Breast stroke. Game on. Arms in sync. Legs could use a bit more outward kick. Each day I’m improving. Sayin’ less. Doin’ more. Dig on this green. I sure did. Let me know if it keeps you lean.


chia seed
hemp seed
Sunwarrior Raw Vegan protein(chocolate)
unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Eating Back On Track

Eating more foods in their natural state has definitely had it’s benefits. But I already knew that. Before the injury and the injuries that ensued I was a clean eater. A regular juice head and smoothie lover.


My daily food intake was more of an 80/20 vibe. The larger portion being raw foods and the rest was cooked with sprinklings of junk food. Vegan. Processed. Still junk.



After the injury I became an emotional eater. Again. And again. Can’t tell you how many times. There are other posts that can attest to the fact. Feel free to peruse the vibe.




Landing back on planet all things green and live doesn’t mean that I’m existing as a vegan monk. If you can picture that. Just means I’m more focused on healing my body naturally. Starting with the inside. Losing sight of what I looked like before on the outside. It’s vain and irrelevant. But still…wait for the after pic.



Fave Lentils & Rice Cake Snack

Lovely go to light meal of sorts on an uninterrupted Sunday. Some reading. Thoughts on writing. Finishing a script or completely destroying it at whim. Whale watching. Improving my breast stroke. Baldwin meets Thoreau. I shall disappear soon. Enjoy!


unsalted brown rice cakes
raw thyme hummus
fresh squeezed lime
cracked black pepper