Tuesday Transformation 

Shaping our bodies tends to take precedence over shaping our minds, developing our spirits. We’d rather hear compliment after compliment being given on our taunt muscles or indestructible abs. Or at least what appears to be so. Never really giving much thought to anything else because it becomes a cycle of praise and reward our ego seeks. 

You tell yourself I workout for me. It’s a lifestyle not a diet. Health is wealth. And all that other bullshit because it sounds good. And although the above is true it doesn’t mean squat if the people you’re hitting with that spiel on a daily can’t see you. I mean truly see you. 

Your soul. Your passion. Where is it? Your genuine interest in helping others reach their own goals by facing life’s obstacles head on. What happened to it? Whether you’re a trainer, fitness instructor or just a fit person at work who people seek advice on just about everything diet and workout related. Know that these conversations are not about you. So don’t make them about you.

Listen with your heart and mind. Don’t interject. Teach with passion and patience. Don’t just focus on those who look like you and disregard others. Intentional or not. Body size and weight don’t mean shit if your spirit ain’t fit.