Rainy Day Tempeh

Crazy downpour. Nonstop. Lunch vibes. Didn’t brown bag it today. Braved the rain anyway. Puddle dodging. Headed towards the land known as Veggie Grill. 

Ordered my usual take on their Buffalo Bomber. I flip it into a spinach wrap and add avocado and tempeh bacon. Yukon gold fries extra crispy. No seasoning. Chris always makes sure my food comes out right.


Parked it underneath a heating lamp on the patio. Too much chitter chatter inside. Soul settled outside. Natural vibes. 

Food arrived. Wrap was more massive looking than I last remembered. A few bites in I realized why. Kitchen had added actual tempeh instead of the much tastier bacon. All faux meat of course. Mistake still.  I didn’t trip. Nor did I send it back. Ate the other half. Thought about the weekend. And nothing else. Besides the sun was now out.