Sunday Brunchin’

Hella windy at the beach yesterday. Had to hop off my board a few times. Never seen the sands look so deserted. Movie scene. Indeed.

Hopped off the boardwalk because my skateboard literally felt like a toothpick beneath my feet. Pushin’ a shorter deck. Longboard was the victim of a hit and run a few weeks ago. No news at 11:00.


Finally blew into Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. After not too long of a wait ended up with my favorite server Manu. Dope dude. Energy on another plain. Genuine soul. Vibes.

Dove into The Weekender platter head first. Bomb. I always save the pancakes for last. I’m weird like that. Hope your Sunday was groovy. Let’s not judge Monday. It’s just another day to get some shit done. Dig.