8 Reasons Why I Dig The New Vega Sport Protein

Love. Did I say love?  Pretty sure I said love. Love the new Vega Sport Performance Protein. Yes, Vega has revamped the vibe. Attention all athletes: It’s on and crackin’ now. This is the part where I’m suppose to sing, “I’m a Vega girl, livin’ in a Vega world.” Can the piano. Burn the sheet music. This one needs no introduction.

I’ve always used Vega. Every now and then trying out other plantbased protein brands. Few have come close to the results needed in between workouts. Why Vega? Let me tell you.

  1. No chalk mouth. It tastes great.   
  2. No dirty stomach. It digests well.
  3. Mixes well. Just add water.  
  4. Recover faster. Better quality workouts.   
  5. Little or no joint pain. Right knee swag.
  6. Clean plantbased protein. It won’t whey you down.    
  7. Kicks the shit outta muscle fatigue. Flex on ’em.  
  8. Brendan Brazier is dope. Real athlete. True vegan. Read up on him. He started tinkering with the idea years before it was hip and trendy to wave the now all too conveniently popular  ‘V’ flag.   

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