12 Ways To Avoid Work Cooties

Day after Christmas. Notice that the coworker with a slight cough the day before now has a full blown cold? Tis’ the season. Cue the sniffles and wracking cough. Donner you and the fellas fly over to Costco and grab some hand sanitizer, wipes…And some trail mix. And a puzzle. And some wine. 

In between holiday parties and coffee breaks in the lunchroom you’re bound to come in contact with someone who has the beginnings of a cold, a nasty cold or flulike symptoms. Bummer. I know. They all suck. We can’t always control what breathes then breeds in our airspace. But we can take a proactive approach to avoid getting other peoples cooties(germs) and getting sick. 

  1. Wash your hands throughout the day.
  2. Use hand sanitizer if you can’t immediately wash your hands.  
  3. Avoid the dip at office parties. Seriously. There are double dippers and super sneezers.
  4. Wipe off phones, computer keyboards, appliances used in communal areas with disinfectant wipes.   
  5. Cover your mouth whenever you  cough or sneeze.
  6. Avoid touching handrails and bathroom door handles. Some employees don’t wash their hands after they flush. 
  7. Juice daily. Or add a few pieces of seasonal fruit and vegetables to your daily intake. Think apples and oranges. Sweet potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts.  
  8. Drink water. I know it’s winter. Drink the frickin’ water. It’s harder to break down a hydrated immune system.
  9. Exercise regularly. Read #8. They go hand in hand.cropped-img_0282.png
  10. Get rest. Sleep. In other words off with the Netflix and Elmo night light.  
  11. Avoid hugging, kissing or touching a sick coworker. Common sense right? You’d be surprised.
  12. Don’t eat or drink after anyone. I refuse to explain any further. Read #11. 

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