Pre Bikram Green

It’s been months since my last yoga class. Sorta fell outta love with it after a year of practicing. Various studios. Too much rock and roll let’s see how far I can bend into this posture Hollywood shit. Call me corny but I really dig yoga for the whole mind releasing spirit restoring vibe. Also to gain a deeper insight into my own emotional baggage. Years of parked planes. Too much weight for one person to bear. Wheels up. Time to fly Shon. 


Gonna hang out at Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey for a few weeks. See how things go. Flow. Good class with Ryan this morning. Challenging. Felt no pressure to be super yogi. Spotted a few capes. Unbothered. Modified where I could. Managed my breath when I could remember. Think my fave go to green helped. It never fails to keep me hydrated. Exactly what you need for 90 minutes in 105 degrees. Drink up!


frozen  pineapple





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