80s Saturday Run

Threw on my favorite running tights. Nike. Left knee brace. Laced up the pink Pegasus. Chose a better hat to keep the cold out and my earplugs in. Superdry. Hit the time machine. And ran back into the 80s. 

Boy George met me at the start. Miss Me Blind. How apropos. Tears For Fears reminded me that everybody wants to rule the world. Phil kicked up the pace with his drum solo. And Mike brought me home with Thriller. Miss you Mike. Love you always.

As my mind searched for more spaces to breathe I let go of its ever present tension. Albeit for a short while. Spandau Ballet True punctuated the moment as I cooled down.

Popped into the market to snag some almond milk for my recovery date with Vega later. On the way home I couldn’t help but think about a few things. I’m always thinking. Perhaps that is why I started running. Not to think less. But to think less of that which does not serve me well. Past. Or present. 

Not interested in timing and speed. Only on putting one foot forward followed by another and another…Running ahead. I can no longer see the lingering shadows. Nor feel the cold of your breath. Moon child run free.


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