7:24 PM Wednesday Run

Hadn’t ran since Saturday night. Good solid run. Crazy nosebleed and headache soon followed after I’d taken a shower. Nosebleed stopped. Headache persisted. I’ve always had them. Years. Doctors don’t know shit. So I can’t give too much more energy to that vibe.

Tonight’s run was a little bit different. Easy breathing. Heavy legs. Probably because I’d done a gym class before with Mrs. Cooper. Not to mention I decided to run in Inglewood. Lots of hills. Wasn’t ready. Pushed through anyway.

Tonight’s run was dedicated to a coworker who suffered a heart attack on Saturday. The last time I saw him. I didn’t care how slow my pace was or how leadened my legs felt. I had to run for you Berto. I had to run for you. Prayers going up.


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