While America Sleeps

Please don’t scrutinize the picture with your judgement of what you think homelessness should look like. I don’t care that his socks are clean and he has iPhone earphones in his ear. Or that he’s surrounded by books that look hardly worn from moving around. He could have just lost his place. Been kicked out from somewhere. Not unusual this time of year. I don’t know his story. Nor do I know the stories of the countless others I pass on the street and ride the bus with on a daily.

If it makes you feel better, yes most of them are usually filthy and smell bad. But it doesn’t suggest that their situation is one of more hardship than the man pictured here sleeping on a side street in Hollywood. Like I said before I don’t know his story. As I leaned in to slip a bill into his cup I didn’t hear any music coming from the earphones. Nor did he stir. Happy Holidaze.


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