4:26 in the a.m.

Fell asleep a few hours ago with the lights on again. Holiday hours in the land of retail have kicked in. Rearranging my fit schedule. Disrupting all things balanced. I’m usually annoyed and pissed while slipping in and out of my cranky pants on a daily. Don’t get me wrong. Love Christmas. The lights. The tree decorating. The music. The Baileys. All of it.

I don’t have to necessarily get anything. I just dig that people seem to be a little bit nicer this time of year. Of course when they’re not trampling each other during these ridiculous sales that seem never ending. 

As I lay here contemplating it all. Those things said. That which is not left to restless spirits. I know that this is not it. There is so much more of the world to see. People to meet. Tea to drink underneath a different colored sky. I am a child of the moon. I propose no new changes. It is already happening. Perhaps that is why I’m so unbothered by schedules, numbers, corporate jargon and the angst ridden ramblings of my fellow employees. My spirit is calm. My nature resilient. The shift has begun.



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