Write Past Wrongs

The past plagues us all. It’s like an unwanted breath on the neck when someone is hinting at romance while your body language suggests they pop a couple of Altoids. Over the years I’ve made a game of running from mine. Only to find myself thrown headlong back into that which I’d proposed was now behind me. Days. Months. Years. Matters not how long it takes. The past will always remain present if you don’t deal with shit. I mean really deal with it.

I use to find comfort in its embrace. Settling for that which is familiar. Expecting it to find me as it had once left me. Broken. Unhinged. All too compromising. Even giddy at times at the very thought of someone else zeroing in on me when clearly they were just making room for their own landing. 

As of late I find myself more willing to write about what has already happened instead of letting it remain present in my energy space. It’s a healthier approach. One that is more honest. It also takes the power of who or what represents such away. Leaving me more aware yet unaffected. And that is the goal. At least for me. Y’all still gonna have to wait for the movie. 


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