Easy Chickpea Salad

  Was feeling extra lazy the other night. Didn’t want to go out and do the whole people vibe thing. Some days it just feels extra forced. Dusted off my mental space. Realized I hadn’t eaten much that day. Hunger games in play. Did a quick pantry raid. ‘Cept no pantry. Found some canned goodies. A few seasonings. Turned up the volume of A Different World so I’d be free to roam while Whitley whined. 

One episode later I had this amazingly good chickpea salad on a bed of steamed spinach. Plan on making a bigger batch this weekend with even more ingredients. Until then enjoy.

Easy Chickpea Salad

canned organic garbanzo beans

canned sliced black olives

chopped organic cucumbers 

fresh lemon juice

Himalayan pink sea salt

garlic powder

Quick tip: Always rinse canned beans under cold water until the bubbles disappear. By doing so you’re avoiding having gas and feeling bloated later. I also rinsed the black olives. Reduces that shelf life sodium.


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