Night Cap

It’s super easy for me to start my day off with a green drink or smoothie. Night time not so much. I do my best not to eat or snack heavy before bed. Although I have no set time for pillow diving. I’m especially mindful of whatever I put in my body during this time. Not only does it affect my sleep it plays a huge part in my mood upon rising. Already got that whole Castor Pollux thing going naturally. I don’t need another reason for any more emotional swinging. 

Climbed down from my crescent and whipped up a chocolate PB & J smoothie. Recipe on the blog. Snacked on some bottom of the bag tortilla chips. Guzzled from a gallon. And drank my rather perfectly tasting smoothie. The texture trick to keeping all things creamy and smooth is to use frozen fruit. Didn’t head to bed for another couple of hours. Didnt head to the fridge either. Score! Keep it late night. Waist tight. I’m gon’.


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