Eating Back On Track

Eating more foods in their natural state has definitely had it’s benefits. But I already knew that. Before the injury and the injuries that ensued I was a clean eater. A regular juice head and smoothie lover.


My daily food intake was more of an 80/20 vibe. The larger portion being raw foods and the rest was cooked with sprinklings of junk food. Vegan. Processed. Still junk.



After the injury I became an emotional eater. Again. And again. Can’t tell you how many times. There are other posts that can attest to the fact. Feel free to peruse the vibe.




Landing back on planet all things green and live doesn’t mean that I’m existing as a vegan monk. If you can picture that. Just means I’m more focused on healing my body naturally. Starting with the inside. Losing sight of what I looked like before on the outside. It’s vain and irrelevant. But still…wait for the after pic.




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