Rawberri Swim

Turns out my bowl of trail mix packed cereal wasn’t enough to kickstart the preworkout vibe on Wednesday. By the time I hopped off the second bus I was beyond hungry. Skated past the gym in the direction of PowerZone. Then I saw this sign.


Didn’t have to read much further. They had me at organic acai bowls. Popped into Rawberri www.rawberri.com where all things are vegan. Sustainable vibes abound. Score and score! Ordered a classic pitaya bowl after I learned that it was another name for dragon fruit. I’m all about question asking. Yes, I meant to phrase it that way.


Snagged a medium bowl. Didn’t want to risk swimming on a full stomach. Can I say it was awesome? Why yes you can. Okay, weird third person moment. But seriously it was bomb. Natural. Organic. It’s amazing how quickly the taste buds adjust to food in its proper state.



The vegan granola was exceptional, the coconut flakes crunchy and the fruit was fresh as hell.


Even the spoon was green. Literally and figuratively. Eco love. Shout out to the planet.


Had the most righteous swim afterwards. Didn’t feel full. Stomach felt clean. Live food energy fueled each stroke. It’s moments like this when I consider going fully raw as a vegan. Figuratively clutching bag of chips while having a Cookie Monster moment. Baby steps.

Places like Rawberri help to encourage the clean eating and cruelty free vibe. They do it in a way that’s not pretentious and that’s always cool. Like the sign says Good Vibes Only. Dig it. I shall return.


It’s all about that Cocowhip on my next visit. Vegan frozen yogurt y’all. Enough said.


8582 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 652-7010




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