Good Swim Today

Hit the pool not quite midday. Goal was to get there earlier to avoid the lane hogs and those people who impatiently wait for you to finish even though the other side of the lane is free. Yes, there is a certain snobbery that goes on at the 24Hour Fitness pool in WeHo(West Hollywood)


I largely ignore the politics and focus on getting my swim on. It’s a groovy rooftop pool with super soft water. And not too many chemicals. Although there’s a closer gym with an indoor pool I prefer this one. It’s where I get some of my best swim tips from swimmers who’ve swam competitively. Thanks Seth for noticing that my head was coming to far out of the water and my stroke was short. Focused on those two things today and had a stronger swim that didn’t leave me breathless in between strokes. Stoked! Can’t wait til’ my next sesh.



2 thoughts on “Good Swim Today

  1. Ahhhh the politics of lap swimming. I would do it much more often if I could rent a lane and guarantee it was mine as long as I needed it.

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