Pre ATC Workout Green

Super light green. Hella energizing. It rules over inflammation. I like to get a jump start on my lactic acid buildup. Normally I go for a smoothie before taking a HITT class. Of the rationale that the fuller I felt after drinking it the more it would sustain my workout. Got that one wrong again Fred.

The smoothies tend to not digest as easily unless I drink them at least an hour and a half before class. No bueno. I’m usually hungry again by the time class starts. There goes my focus and form right out the foodie window. Anybody else suddenly want pancakes and a really good tofu scramble?


Drinking a green juice 45 minutes before class had the opposite effect.

•No upset stomach once I began to sweat
•No cramping
•No bloating
•Felt satiated and energized during the entire time

Keepin’ it clean and light before each workout from now on. Definitely like the benefits. Let me know if you try this recipe. Cheers! Norm! Okay, I’m gone.

mixed greens
chia seed


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