The Cowspiracy Is Real


Cowspiracy is now playing on Netflix. Great documentary. Graphic at times. Besides the blatant killing of animals I found myself being more horrified by the interests of major environmentalists groups. More like the lack thereof.


When presented with the issue of animal agriculture being the major cause of our rapidly declining planet their response was often indifference, avoidance and in one instance inappropriate humor.


They either hadn’t given it any real thought. Yeah right. Or they have always been so fixated on their own agenda based fundraising efforts that they could honestly give two shits. That’s more like it.


Please don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Gain some insight. Draw your own conclusions. The world is so much bigger than our constant need to consume. It’s so much bigger than taking shorter showers, driving less and everybody’s religious favorite recycling.



Rest in peace to Sister Dorothy Stang and to all the activists throughout the world who’ve lost their lives for standing up and speaking out against corruption and injustice while others sat content in the shade of the status quo. My heart is heavy. My words are gone. What kind of species is man? I mean truly. What kind of world are we leaving for the next generation? Outside of corporate motivations does anyone really care?



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