Double Power Monday Greens

Not much writing this morning. At a portion in the book where the last twenty pages whine like an endless cycle of regret. Sometimes it’s hard to plow through all the shit. Face to face with myself. Yes, I’m editing my first book. 417 pages. I’ll let you know how it flows.


On a much doper note. Decided to whip up a green juice and a green smoothie to kick off Monday. Even after a cup of warm lemon water stomach vibe still didn’t feel alkalized. Felt like straight garbage. Made two of my fave green recipes to go.

hemp seed
chia seed


Rinsed out the Nutribullet cup and tossed in the ingredients for a green smoothie.


frozen banana
frozen berries
chia seed
Vega Sport protein
unsw vanilla rice milk

Slammed this one down right before the Uber arrived because it smelled so good. Still sticking to my gallon of water a day. Skin is improving and my joints are diggin’ the hydration. Dig on the recipes and the rest of your day. Let me know if you try one!



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