Blackfish: See World

Blackfish the documentary is now playing on Netflix. Finally got a chance to peep the story behind Tilikum the killer whale and how SeaWorld hunted and captured him and other orcas solely for profit at their theme parks. A common practice since the 70s.


I won’t spoil it for ya’. But I will say watching this made me both mad and sad. Yes, to the point of tears. Much like my reaction after seeing The Cove a few years ago. Where has our humanity gone?

We have no right to track, hunt and capture any animals or mammals living and thriving in their natural habitat. What if the roles were reversed and the animals suddenly had the power to do to us what’s been done to them for generations?


Today’s society measures success by the length of a dollar instead of an outstretched hand offering help and support. Watch Blackfish. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.



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