Nike Fail…Again


I will be brief. Nike’s in store customer service is completely nonexistent. At least in Los Angeles. More specifically the locations at The Grove(newly remodeled location) and in Santa Monica. I’ve rarely had a good experience at either store.


In most cases I would still make the purchase. Later chastising myself for contributing to my own invisibility. The rub. Employees barely greet you, remain huddled in their own personal discussions and reluctantly approach even after you’ve picked up a display shoe to inquire about size.


I realize that their employees are not paid commission. This should not be a determining factor when it comes to administering good customer service and sharing product knowledge. Both sorely lacking at the above mentioned locations. I could go on. But I won’t. I’ve already had my lemon water for the day and an amazingly tasting green smoothie.

You can read the original rant on my Instagram page. Just look for the teal Nike Metcons that have yet to find a place in my closet next to my Lunar Elements and many pairs of TR Fit(s). Pick a number. Because I’m not one. Oh yeah…About that brevity thing?



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