Nike Saturday Morning

Great NTC(Nike Training Club) workout this morning at The Grove in LA. Ran into one of my fave fitness instructors Monica Benyamin AKA Fit Moni B and Adrian. A cool cat from gym class.
It was nice to see a few familiar faces.


Had a hard time waking up this morning. Snagged only four hours of sleep the night before. Didn’t let that stop me. Was determined to make this workout. Even if it meant catching an Uber. Super cool driver Darron got me to The Grove in less than thirty minutes. Whew hoo!

A light run. Warm up. Hip flexor openers. Lunges. Squats. Speed and agility drills. Hops. Jumps. Jump tucks. There was more but I was too focused on my form and landing to really keep count. Such a stoked way to start the day. Hopefully next time they’ll take the training to the grass. That cement was unforgiving to the joints and those of us nursing injuries.






Interested in trying out NTC? Dig. Go online and register at See ya’ next class.


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