Let Life Motivate You

Let everything around you motivate you. Especially the things you don’t like. I have a long list. Have stated this enough times in previous posts. No need to go all Rambo repeat on you.

But seriously look at your life. What’s working? What’s not? It becomes easier to spot these things once you let go of perception. Our own and others.

Take myself for instance. I don’t like anything about my current life situations. Instead of focusing on such I’ve turned my attention to the two things that are working. Fitness and writing. My two loves.

Recently I was given the green light by Dr. Schacter to return to a more active fitness regimen. This time around I’m taking a more common sense approach to training. As for writing I’d rather show you than tell you. Stay tuned.

Each day I’m learning to not give permanence to life’s seasonal things. Relationships. Jobs. Relationships that feel like a job. Okay, so I couldn’t resist a bit of the list. It is the only way that I can successfully achieve those things that do matter. All those fluffy clouds once aimlessly floating around inside of my head have started to take shape. And that is a good thing.



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