About Shon

Bear with me while I update my blog. Still figuring out layouts and where my categories have suddenly disappeared to. In the meantime read how I got here. Cheers!

In April 2013 I was an overweight, heavy drinking emotional eater who no longer recognized my own mirrored image. Filled with anger and resentment at what I perceived as life’s disappointments. Not realizing that it was me. I was the problem.


I had settled for a life that was not my own. One that was sad and unfulfilling. No one person or series of events was responsible. Only me. It was after this moment of realization is when I decided to take my life back. And I haven’t looked back since. I made health and fitness not only a priority it became a lifestyle. Mine.


I’d been an off and on vegan over the years. Once I truly made the health connection to the foods that I was consuming I decided to fully commit. After doing so I experienced an increase in energy, weight loss and shorter recovery times in between workouts. I loved my life. Every aspect of it.


Then like a Lifetime movie, tragedy struck. In September 2014 I seriously injured my right ankle. I didn’t know it at the time. Initially I was misdiagnosed so I continued to train on what I thought was just a bad sprain. No bueno. it was much worse. A couple of fractures, ligament damage and bone bruising.


Since then I’ve gone through, x-Rays, MRIs, two sets of crunches, two walking boots and an array of ankle braces and physical therapy.



Needless to say this past year has been a disheartening journey. Lots of ups and downs. Fluctuating weight. Poor eating habits. And yes depression. I watched a year’s worth of clean eating and having an active lifestyle slowly disappear. Wondering if I’d ever get it back. I still wonder.

And yes my ankle has been prone to re-injury. Probably because I won’t stop skating for more than a week.


Follow me on my journey to get healthy and strong again. Not interested in who I was before. Only in who I am becoming. Dig ya’ for cruising by. Wigtoss!



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