4 Foods That Are Keepin’ My Belly Fat

There’s so much information out there when it comes to the dos and donts on health and nutrition. So much so that it leaves one’s head spinning from suggestion overload. Every now and then I’ll prescribe a much needed rehab for myself away from the land of recommendations and approval. Taking the time to invest in my own research.

By journaling and as of late using my iPhone to jot down daily what I eat I’m able to see which foods work better for my body. It also allows me to zero in on the ones that impede the weight loss process. Which is my current state. I do not count calories or weigh food. I find it unnecessary and restrictive. Causing more anxiety instead of creating healthy food habits.


Even when I think I’m eating healthy there are just some foods that my body won’t rock with. Not even in the slightest of moderation. Drum roll please. Let the bellowing of the belly fat wars begin.

NUTS Love ’em. But they don’t love me. They even reject me in their rawest form. Almonds. Cashews. Trail Mix. Some prom date.


FLOUR White or wheat. Doesn’t matter. Wheat takes an immediate hit. No, I’m not three months pregnant. It’s usually a delayed reaction with white until the bloat becomes not so light.


CHIPS I love…chips. No. You don’t understand. I lovvvvvve chips. Baked or fried. But the skin never lies. Neither does the all too predictable sodium ride. Next stop. Coreville USA.

Pulling up the rear but hardly the least damaging is SUGAR. You didn’t need to read this here to know that. But if you are reading this right now thank you. Send Pop Chips.


Where were we? Sugar. Yes. Bad. Tastes good. Yes. Still bad. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural or processed my body responds the same way. Belly fat galore. Mood swings and immediate crashing soon follow. Yes, even with fruit. I love making a good smoothie bowl or snacking on an apple before bed. Come morning my belly is on the rise. Even after drinking warm lemon water.


Alas, I will continue with my research. The trials and tribulations of developing and maintaining a healthy body. Short sigh in. What I have learned is that I don’t always have to write it down. It does help when I need to see where I’m falling short. Over time I’ve begun to automatically correct the need to reach for certain foods. Not out of guilt or shame. It comes from discovering what does or does not work for my body. I’m proud of that. Be patient with yourself. Most importantly love yourself. Always.



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