10 Ways To Get More Shit Done

We all like reward. But tend to avoid the inevitable. The task. The work. The labor. Yah Mo Be There. I’ll let you take the rest up and over. Ideas sound great in conversation. Look even better when written down.

Here’s the kicker. They don’t become realized goals until you put effort behind the energy. I’m done preachin’. Another overturned soapbox for the masses. No perching allowed.

Wanna get more shit done? Peep.

1. Stop telling folk.(Including yo’ mama)

2. Be serious.(Ain’t no sense in jivin’)

3. Have a real plan.(Don’t just make shit up)

4. Write it down.(The plan man. Pay attention)

5. Each day work that plan.(No days off)

6. See yourself achieving. (Clean ya’ glasses)

7. Vibe on positive. (Make it a habit)

8. Dismiss the negative.(Break that habit)

9. Defeat is not failure.(Only if you accept it)

10. Just keep going. (Let everyone else give up)



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