Anti-Achey Green

Slow start to my day. Achey and feverish last night. Yesterday a coworker lent me a book What Color Is Your Aura? She’d been promising to bring it for weeks. Leaned in for a hug and was met with, “I’m sick.” I immediately pulled back.

Thanks for the warning was quickly replaced with, Then why in the hell would you pick today to make good on your promise? Of course this part of the conversation was all head talk. Thanked her anyway. Slipped the book in a plastic bag. Even wiped it down with Lysol wipes once I got home.

Hours later it hit me. Aching muscles. Feverish chills that went from hot to cold. I was burning up but couldn’t get warm. Decked out in full winter pajamas and sock feet I climbed in bed. I looked like a holiday Gap ad gone wrong.

Finally gave in to the notion of taking the Theraflu in my medicine cabinet. There was no time to cling to the holistic tree in search of a more natural remedy. My state of delirium had already set in.

This morning woke to no fever. Body still aches. Could I have really picked up my coworker’s sickness by handling her book for a mere few seconds? Short sigh in. Didn’t make it to yoga this morning. Instead I made some warm lemon water followed by this energizing green. To your health. And may you stay far far away from contaminated coworkers. Cheers!


frozen berries
chia seed
hemp seed
cacao nibs
Vega One Nutritional Shake
unsweetened vanilla almond milk



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