Bloggers I Need Your Kelp…Help

Calling all bloggers! In need of your help. In dire straits is more like it. I have an extremely well written, funny and sometimes insightful blog. I’m no fitness professional or expert. But I am a writer, currently living in Los Angeles, who digs all things health, fitness, food and oh yeah fun.

Here’s the problem. Wait for it…wait for it. Kidding. A lil’ distracted. Just remembered that I have another chia pudding in the fridge. Whew hoo!

Okay, seriously though. How do I get rid of all these frickin’ categories? I blog from my phone. New laptop in the works. Not really. But it sounds legit. In the meantime HELP! I’m not having much luck with WordPress on my tablet either. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Chia pudding time!



One thought on “Bloggers I Need Your Kelp…Help

  1. Thanks John! Will do. Did you see anything else that I can improve upon? I literally blog everything from my phone. I know the content is good. I just want to make sure it looks as clean as it appears and is user friendly. I’ve had over 6,000 views in more than a year. But my blog still languishes in the land of unread and little or no following. I welcome all suggestions.

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