Jenn’s Green

Snagged this from fellow fitness friend’s page(@jenneco). Whipped it up. As usual the avocado kept the vibe creamy. I almost always use frozen bananas in my smoothies. Think I trick myself mind into believing that I stay full longer.


Made a few substitutions along the way. Didn’t have lemon ginger cayenne. Sprinkled red cayenne pepper instead. Also was out of hemp seed. Although it was good I felt like it was still missing something. That thing to give it a bit pmore kick in the sweet department’s ass. Jenn suggested a cucumber or apple. I think a green apple or some pineapple would do the trick. Try it. Let me know!



lotsa kale
some frozen banana
the other side of an avocado
a few shakes of red cayenne pepper
my last bit of chia seed
some flaxseed
healthy splash of almond coconut milk



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