Don’t Judge: 3 Ways To Avoid The Trap

We all judge. We all hate to be judged. We all do it anyway. As of late my energy has been blocked, heavy and feeling oh so wiry. Actually for weeks now. There were definitely moments where I could pinpoint why I was feeling so out of sorts. But even in those moments no real truth was revealed. And I was still left with feelings of daily angst ripened by annoyance.

Here are a few ways you can avoid that big ol’ judgement trap:

1. Do yoga. Breathe yoga. Take more yoga. The shit really works.

2. Take yourself a lot less seriously. Ummm…Anybody seen my Emmy?

3. Let go of all expectation. This is a hard one. But totally doable. At the end of the day what you thought you knew was never of any real importance. The answer lies in the question. But must be asked first.


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